Survey: Men Who Cheat


In The Wealthy Dentist’s weekly poll, we recently asked: Are men in positions of power more likely to cheat on their wives?

Three out of four dentists we polled said no: “Men (and women) cheat because it is in our nature to do so,” wrote one respondent. “Men with money and power have a better chance of cheating on their wives,” wrote another.

And a number of people pointed out the one-sidedness of the question – for example,“Women cheat also! My ex-wife cheated on me!” The Wealthy Dentist sincerely apologizes for any appearance of sexism, and certainly does know (though fortunately not so much from personal experience!) that women can be just as unethical as men. We just like any excuse to use our favorite Clinton picture…

Check out more detailed survey results. Stay tuned on Friday for our newest poll question, and check back next week for fresh poll results!

Here are some of your comments:


  • “Poor question! It assumes only powerful men cheat. When women get power and money they are as bad as any man!” (male general dentist)
  • “Ironically, that self-empowered demeanor is what attracted their wives to them in the first place.” (male general dentist)
  • “Regardless of position in life, no one is immune to relationships that develop outside of marriage.” (male orthodontist)
  • “Money can corrupt, but a good Christian man will be true to his wife, for better or worse, rich or poor!” (male general dentist)
  • “Why do women cheat? It never ceases to amaze me how male-centered/egotistical the field of dentistry is. By the way, it’s the 21st century.” (female general dentist)
  • “Power increases a man’s attraction from the opposite sex similar to money, good looks, or a great sense of humor. It may also give access and opportunity to women the man perceives are ‘out of his league.’ However, the character to maintain one’s commitments is independent of these factors.” (male oral surgeon)



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