Dentist Survey: Is Dentistry Dangerous to Public Health?

Dentistry's public health threatsIn this survey, dentists gave The Wealthy Dentist their opinions on the safety of several dentistry materials that cause controversy within the profession, as well as within general discussions about public health.

What do dentists think is the biggest public health threat facing dentistry today?

Here’s how dentists weighed in on the safety of specific dental materials:

The majority of surveyed dentists think mercury in amalgam fillings (58%) and fluoride in water supplies (68%) is safe, or probably safe.

As for Bisphenol-A in composite and sealants, the majority of survey respondents (53%) think more research is needed to determine whether or not it’s safe.

But when it comes to lead & other metals in tainted dental lab work as , the majority in our dental survey (74%) clearly agree they are public health hazards.

Hazardous dental materials

When asked their opinion about the biggest public health threat facing dentistry today, dentists have a wide variety of views.

Too damn many dental school graduates! Too much “business” and not enough “doing the right thing.” Too many managed care practices only focused on corporate profit (which I still think should be illegal).” Colorado orthodontist

“The misguided attempt to reduce the recommended fluoride level for water fluoridation. It will result in increased caries and decreased oral health to the nation.” Virginia dentist

Offshore, unregulated lab work.” Texas dentist

“Federal and State Governmental regulations.” California dentist

“Dentists over diagnosing due to economic pressure from low insurance compensation, high student loan payments and general lack of ethics.” California dentist

What do you think is dentistry’s biggest public health threat?

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  • This is interesting. While most dentists like fluoridation, most don’t like tainted dental materials. Yet, fluoridation chemicals are tainted with lead, arsenic, mercury and other nasties that are never filtered out before arriving in your glass of fluoridated water. Much of the sodium fluoride used in the US is purchased from China. Do we really trust China’s quality control – especially when these fluoridation chemicals are already industry’s waste product? You guys should leave fluoride out of the water and dispense it in your dental offices and stop rejecting Medicaid people so you don’t have to fluoridate everyone’s water supply to reach this target population.

  • San Diego Dentist

    The CDA Journal just published an article on using fluoridated salt to get systemic fluoride to people. Great idea! Return individual choice to the people so the rest of us do not get it in our drinking water.Fluoride really works when you apply high concentrations directly to the teeth of people who need it. Why drink .7-1.0 PPM when you can put 5,000 PPM directly on the teeth? Do you really want to drink water “tainted” with fluorosilicic acd (sp?) —a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry FROM CHINA?

  • Ed

    I agree with your comments about flouridation, but wanted to make a point about your Medicaid comment. The ADA has just “re-calculated” what the average dental office’s overhead is. It used to be calculated without taking into consideration actually paying the dentist! No other industry leaves out the pay of any employee when determining what the overhead is. The new calculation shows that in the last 4 years, the average dental office overhead has been 97%. Medicaid payments don’t even cover the cost of what is used up during an appointment, much less pay the staff or the dentist. Everytime a dentist sees a Medicaid patient it is not even effectively free dentistry, the dentist has to actually pay to treat them. These days, most dentists are not in a position to be able to do that. The government has stipulated that if you accept Medicaid, you have to accept it across the board (you can’t elect to help a few patients out and refuse to treat other Medicaid patients). This leaves most dentists the choice of losing their business, or nor accepting Medicaid. We need to get more reasonable compensation from the government to at least cover costs, even if the dentist personally makes little to nothing off that treatment. most dentists are kind-hearted and public spirited and would agree to that. You can’t ask them to actually pay personally for every single Medicaid patient they see. No other business would agree to that. Try calling a lawyer and say, these cases are not pro-bono, you actually have to pay personally about 70 to 80% of sgnificant costs to represent them. That is what dentists are being asked to do.


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