Do Most Dentists Extract Wisdom Teeth In-House?

Wisdom tooth extractionResults from The Wealthy Dentist dental survey this week report on wisdom tooth extractions: Do doctors enjoy doing them, and how much do they refer out?

Exactly half of our dentists said they don’t like performing wisdom tooth extractions. The other 50% said they enjoy doing them — yet most referred at least some of the work out.

Only 16% of dentists surveyed perform 100% of their wisdom tooth removals in-house.

Here’s how the rest of the responses are distributed:

  • 37% of dentists refer out 100% of their wisdom tooth cases.
  • 21 % refer out in the 75% range.
  • 13 %refer out in the 50% range.
  • 13 %refer out in the 25% range.

Here’s some insight into why so many dentists refer out the work, even though they enjoy it:

“I have been doing the majority of my own extractions since I started my own practice 35 years ago. Most patients are surprised at how easily the procedures go — but I screen to be sure there are no unforeseen problems. I refer out if I don’t think I can do it efficiently, or if the patient wants a general anesthetic.” California General Dentist

Oral surgeons get the really tough teeth and the really tough patients. Otherwise, I am happy to do them.” Illinois General Dentist

“Small, fused, conical roots? SURE. Impacted, flared roots, angled? NOT.” General Dentist in Puerto Rico

“Unless you perform many of them, I feel it’s in the patient’s best interest to refer to a specialist.” Wisconsin General Dentist

“Ugh. This last year I saw 7 cases of permanent paresthesia from wisdom teeth extracted. Every one, without exception, from general dentists who ‘could do it as good as an oral surgeon, only cheaper’…Permanently hurting another human for a few bucks….” Arizona General Dentist

“The key is to know when to refer!” Oklahoma General Dentist

Do you enjoy wisdom tooth extraction cases? How many of them do you perform in-house?

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