Dentist Dating Habits: Office Romance Survey

Dentist dating habitsDentist dating is steaming up the workplace!

In our most recent survey, 38% of dentists admitted to an office romance. In fact, one out of three has had an affair with a coworker at their dental practice.

While few doctors advise looking for love at work, only one in four of those who’d had an office romance ended up regretting it.

When we asked for more details, here’s what we learned:

  • 33% have been involved with someone who was first a coworker
  • 7% have been involved with someone who later became a coworker
  • 8% have been involved with someone who was my patient first
  • 7% have been involved with someone who later became a patient

And here are some comments from dentists about dentist dating at work.

  • “It’s a bad idea,” said a Tennessee dentist.
  • “My advice: don’t do it!” said a general dentist.
  • “I have been involved with my receptionist for over 30 years now. That’s how long we’ve been married,” said a Louisiana dentist.
  • “It may be natural that this happens, but it is never good business,” said a Massachusetts dentist.
  • “It was a good thing at the time, but it did not last,” said a general dentist.
  • “It’s not a good idea,” said a general dentist.
  • “Nothing good comes of this,” said a Colorado dentist.
  • “This is a really BAD idea!” said a general dentist.
  • “She is my wife,” said a Florida dentist.
  • “Thank God it was in the old days, before all these crazy laws and rules. Ahhh, the fun old days when you could drink, party, tell dirty jokes and have fun with your staff. Damn those lawyers and feminist activists!” said a California dentist.
  • “I would never ever get involved in that way,” said a Texas dental hygienist.

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