A Year in Review: Looking Back at the Top 10 Dentistry Stories of 2012

A Year in Review: Looking Back at the Top 10 Dentistry Stories of 2012Welcome to a dental year in review.  The Wealthy Dentist is looking back at some of the top dentistry stories of 2012 and looking ahead to what dentists can expect in 2013.

From dentists tired of the ongoing fluoride debate to a dentist accused of faking marathons, 2012 was the year of hotly-debated dentistry stories.

Some top dentistry stories were the result of scientific research; others, were brought into the limelight by major lawsuits.

But no matter what the top news stories were for 2012, dentistry was clearly making news headlines.

Here are the top 10 dentistry stories of 2012:

1. Dentists Are Tired of the Fluoridated Water Debate
The fluoridation of public water becomes a hotly-debated news item and when The Wealthy Dentist asks dentists if they are tired of the fluoride debate, the comments on this article explode with people angrily against fluoride and the dentists who support fluoridation. Click here to read the full story … 

2. Is Lack of Dental Insurance Driving More Patients to the ER?
The Wealthy Dentist shares a report by the Health Resources and Services Administration report that dental emergencies are making up between 1.3 percent and 2.7 percent of all ER visits in the U.S. We asked dentists if this was an indication that more people need access to dental insurance. Click here to read the full story…

3. Dental Care: Are Mid-Level Practitioners a Threat to Dentists?
The Wealthy Dentist followed two state legislative bills adopting a mid-level dental provider model to create both dental hygiene practitioners and dental practitioners. 2012 was the year of the mid-level provider discussion as a solution for a reported dentist shortage. Click here to read the full story…

4. Dentists Reveal Alarming Cavity Problem Among Preschool Children
The Wealthy Dentist reveals that dentists across the U.S. are reporting a major increase in young dental patients with cavities. Some dentists feel that this trend could possibly be linked to a reduction, or lack of fluoridated water beyond regular oral hygiene. Click here to read the full story … 

5. Dental Practice Management Is Being Threatened in North Carolina
The Wealthy Dentist continues to report on the ongoing saga of how dental practice management is being challenged throughout the U.S. with the most contentious dental management battle happening in the North Carolina legislature. Click here to read the full story … 

6. Dentists React To Dental X-ray Brain Tumor Study as Flawed Science
In an article in the journal Cancer, the American Cancer Society publishes study findings linking dental patients who had dental X-rays in the past with a certain type of brain tumor. The report quickly made national headlines. In response to the media frenzy, The Wealthy Dentist decided to ask dentists their thoughts on the findings. Click here to read the full story …

7. Dentists: BPA Is Back Making Front Page Dental News Again
A study concludes that children getting dental fillings made with BPA are more likely to have behavior and emotional problems later in life. The Wealthy Dentist reports that the researchers never administered clinical diagnostic behavioral tests to the children included in the study while dentists gave us their opinions. Click here to read the full story …

8. Dentist Accused of Faking Marathons
Voted by news organizations as one of the most interesting stories to hit the news in 2012, The New Yorker publishes an investigative piece on a dentist who has allegedly been faking running marathons. The Wealthy Dentist shares that dentist Kip Litton’s marathon completions are investigated by what is hailed as an example of the first online crowd-sourcing detective work. Click here to read the full story … 

9. Dentist Suing Over Negative Online Review
An Oregon dentist makes news headlines when he files a lawsuit against a former patient for disparaging remarks posted on DoctorOogle.com, Google and Yelp.com. The lawsuit brings attention to several state’s anti-SLAPP laws and lawsuits over negative reviews. The Wealthy Dentist asks dentists for their thoughts on negative online reviews.
Click here to read the full story … 

10. Dental Practice Management Company Faces Lawsuit
The Wealthy Dentist reports on a class action complaint filed in New York against Aspen Dental Management and private equity firm Leonard Green and Partners LP for allegedly illegally operating dental clinics in 22 U.S. states that engage in aggressive, misleading, profit-driven practices that cause patients economic harm. Click here to read the full story …

In 2013, dentistry will be facing a 2.3% excise tax as the Affordable Care Act continues to move forward, several major cities are implementing fluoride in city water, and dental management companies continue their fight to be part of the solution to provide affordable dental care to the uninsured.

2013 looks to be another exciting year for dentistry and The Wealthy Dentist will continue to be there to report on the top dentistry stories that matter to dentists.

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