Dentists Want Universal Dental Licensure

Dentists Want Universal Dental Licensure  (video)Dentists favor universal licensure, or some sort of national credential system that would allow them to practice in any U.S. state, much like physicians.

The minority of dentists who are against universal licensure are more likely to live in sunny states – states other dentists may be eyeing to open a dental practice.

Dentists are currently licensed on a state, or regional basis.

Many dentists have scathing criticisms of the existing system: “protectionism at its worst,” “a scam,” “out of touch with the real world.” A New York dentist summed it up: “Licensure by credentials should be the rule.”

There are also dentists who see this as an issue of fair trade.

“I always thought that restraint of trade was against the law,” complained a California orthodontist. Many expressed envy of their medical colleagues. Commented one Virginia dentist, “Physicians can do it, and we, as dentists, have a very low in-office patient mortality rate.”

To hear more of what dentists had to say about universal dental licensure, Click on Play to watch the following video–

Most dentists are tired of being tied down by their dental license, what about you?

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  • Dr. Guest

    This topic is a joke. I’ve been a dentist since 1978 and they’ve been talking about this since I first graduated. I quit the ADA as my own personal form of protest due to this unfair restriction of my rights as a dentist. To think I can practice dentistry in Indiana and on other state is absurb. It’s politics, pure and simple. And until there is a mass exodus of dentists resigning from the ADA (to wake the bastards up), this problem will never be resolved.

  • steve s.

    universal licensure  is a right. pure and simple. Sham on the ADA for not resolving this!

  • Rhina_delgado

    Totally unfair, we need to take a stand, this is crazy, teeth are the same everywhere, if you are a professional and good at what you do then you as a Dentist should support this, education in many countries are the same or even better so lets come together and support the National right to work anywhere!!!!!

  • Drguest

    I always wanted to run for the presidentcy of the ADA with one goal in mind. Enact national repricrocity,at any cost. and then step down immediately after I accomplished my goal. The ADA has been a HUGE failure since I became a dentist over 30 years ago and is analagous to what a union represents. ALL TAKE! I just recently retired so they can’t touch me but can’t stress that there should be a mass exodus from the ADA untill this problem has been rectified.


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