Cosmetic Dentist Sends John Lennon’s Tooth on a Magical Mystery Tour

Cosmetic Dentist Sends John Lennon's Tooth on a Magical Mystery TourJust eight months after purchasing a dental crown for $10,000 that once belonged to Elvis Presley, one of The Wealthy Dentist’s favorite dental marketing dentists, Dr. Zuk, has made news again.

The former cosmetic dentist, who also wrote the book, Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist, is now launching a campaign to fight against mouth cancer with a necklace made with one of John Lennon’s teeth.

Yes, you read that right — a famous Beatles’ tooth.

Dr. Zuk purchased John Lennon’s molar when it was put up for auction and decided to use part of the tooth to create a DNA necklace. Zuk teamed up with Beverly Hills celebrity jeweler, Ari Soffer to design a pendant with the peace sign, the internationally recognized symbol for peace.

This is not unusual for Dr. Zuk, who, in the past, has also purchased a piece of one of Elvis Presley’s scarves, a lock of Marilyn Monroe’s hair, the signature of Woody Woodpecker cartoonist Walter Lantz, and autographed pictures of musician Gene Simmons and Gilligan’s Island star Bob Denver.

But this time his latest purchase has gained more than just the attention of international news.  Chris Branfield, dental practice owner and member of the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry, heard about the necklace and wanted to share it with the world to raise the public’s awareness of mouth cancer.

To coincide with National Mouth Cancer Month, the tooth pendant is being shared with 16 dental practices across the UK offering free mouth screenings, promotions and cancer fundraising events at each of the dental practices.

Mr. Branfield told Northcliffe Media, “The [Marketing Pirates of Dentistry] group is always looking for things online and they were looking for something to do with the Beatles for their 50th anniversary. It’s a mad group but it’s about making connections with people.”

Mr. Branfield’s Castle Park Dental Care center will be the first dental practice in the UK to host Lennon’s tooth.

Only two other peace pendants are being made from John Lennon’s tooth dust, one is for Dr. Zuk himself, and the other is being given to Dr. Howard Farran by Dr. Zuk in recognition for his promotion of dental charities and his contributions to improving the dental profession.

To read more about this story, see How John Lennon’s Tooth is Fighting Cancer at Cottingham Dentist’s.

A special shout out to Dr Zuk: Thank you for contacting The Wealthy Dentist to let us know about your latest dental marketing enterprise!

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