Dental Practice Management Survey Reveals Dentists’ Resistance

Dental Practice Management Survey Reveals Dentists' ResistanceIn the latest The Wealthy Dentist survey dentists overwhelmingly agree that dentists should own and run dental practices.

When asked if they agree or disagree that “only dentists should own dental practices” 89% of the dentists responding to this survey answered, “I strongly agree. Dentists should be owners, not dental management companies or private investors.”

9% responded that they “somewhat agree that practice owners should generally be dentists, but there are exceptions” with 2% stating that they “somewhat disagree and it’s okay for others to own practices, but it’s good when dentists do.”

Dental Practice Management Survey Reveals Dentists' Resistance Survey graph

A Texas dentist wrote, “The ethics of the practice become that of the management company, not that of the dentist. This is very dangerous to the profession.”

Even though dental management companies allow dentists to focus more on dental patients, some dentists are resistant to the idea of this dental practice model.

Dental practices who partner with corporate dental management companies typically serve areas where there is limited dental care and patients haven’t visited a dentist in years.

Even so, in this survey, many dentists are resistant to the corporate dental management model –

“Corporate dentistry is here but only a dentist should be allowed to own a practice/corporation as they will more likely to put the patients best interest first before corporate profits to shareholders/investors if push comes to shove.” (California dentist)

“This is the destruction of the profession–making a trade to be regulated. The younger members do not realize it. Is this what they signed up for when applying for dental school?” (Indiana dentist)

“Some dentists are just not cut out to be business people and should just stick to clinical treatment.” (Colorado dentist)

“I have worked under the thumb of an accountant in a dental mill. He had no concern for the welfare of the patients- only the clinic’s bottom line. It is OUR licenses that are at risk. We damn well better own the show. Otherwise, the corporate suits will put us and our precious dental license at risk increasing their bottom line by any and all means possible.” (Georgia dentist)

“Dentistry will soon look like Walmart. The era of privately owned dental practice will soon be over. This is a tragedy for our patients and dentistry in general!” (Oklahoma dentist)

“The dentist is ALWAYS ultimately responsible, and therefore MUST have complete control over the business.” (General dentist)

But one Texas dentist did write to sing the praises of dental management companies, “Working with a dental management company was the best decision I ever made!”

Dentists, what are your thoughts on dental management companies?

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