Survey: Dentists Split Over ADA

ADA Disappoints Many Dentists

In The Wealthy Dentist’s weekly poll, we recently asked: Is the American Dental Association a valid representative of the general American dentist?

The dentists we polled were evenly split on the issue. 48% of those polled said, “Yes, the ADA is an accurate representation of myself and my colleagues.” On the other hand, the remaining 52% replied, “No, the ADA is just a tool for specialists to maintain the status quo.

You all certainly have plenty of opinions about the ADA! Here are some of the comments we received on this survey:

  • “Apparently, from this Sedation Debacle the ADA has no problem limiting ‘Access to Care,’ which I actually thought they cared about. I say we have fools for representatives.”
  • “You have some other organization that is going to represent us?”
  • “The ADA is a mafia that protects the interests of the leadership and acts contrary to the interests quality of care, efficiency of health care delivery.”
  • “Specialists Status Quo??? The ADA hardly ever does anything for specialists.”
  • “ADA should be marketing Dentistry like the Milk Foundation does the ‘Got Milk’ campaign. Couldn’t tell you a thing that they do that is positive for dentists.”
  • “State boards give way too much credence to the ADA. Who made the ADA the authority in dentistry? As an accredited cosmetic dentist, they don’t represent me, I haven’t been a member for years.”
  • “As a specialist who is also actively involved in organized dentistry, I am deeply offended by the question. We are all dentists.”
  • “They are trying to limit our ability to perform oral conscious sedation and I think that is a tragedy for our patients!”
  • “We desperately need an organization to represent us to the government or the government will take over! If you feel it does not represent you, act to change it from the inside. Rejecting the organization is in no one’s best interests.”
  • “Five years ago i would have agreed with statement two, but no longer. The ADA has made great strides in the past few years.”
  • “I dropped out of ADA years ago after 25 years of continuous membership. Now I belong to the AGD and couldn’t be happier.”
  • “It’s a sad day, when a select few professionals with inflated self worth, impose regulations on the majority of rank and file dentists, that has a grossly negative impact and these dentists and their patients.”
  • “What other organization provides a dental voice on Capital Hill? What other organization provides guidance to dentists on scientific issues, on matters related to dental practice, a voice on licensure? The list is endless…this is a ridiculous question.”
  • “I don’t like the ADA taking a stand on oral sedation. I think they are a bunch of old buffoons who are only interested in themselves and not the average high-anxiety patient. I am dropping out of the ADA next year.”
  • “The real culprit is the apathy of GP dentists. We have the ADA representation that we deserve.”
  • “I feel the direction the ADA is taking on regarding sedation is not in the best interests of the general public and the general dentistry.”
  • “Who else? We need our efforts concentrated and strong, not multiple small groups with sparse memberships.”
  • “I just dropped out of the ADA this year. Spending $1000 for what? What are they doing for me?”

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