10 Best Dental Marketing Articles for Dental Practice Marketing

10 Best Dental Marketing ArticlesTo help dentists discover the best dental marketing strategies by The Wealthy Dentist that helped dentists get more new dental patients, we’ve put together a list of the most popular marketing articles.

With so many ways to attract and engage new potential patients its difficult for dentists to know what will work and won’t work when it comes to dental practice marketing.

It is our sincere wish that the dental marketing ideas listed below motivate dentists to try at least one new marketing vector before the end of the year.

Here are 10 of our best dental marketing articles —

1. Dental Marketing: Facebook as an Effective Internet Marketing Tool
Effective dental marketing requires that dentists keep up a regular presence with dental patients in order to ensure success. Having a dental website, blog, newsletter, Google+ page and Facebook page are all important factors in keeping your dental practice in front of your dental patients.

2. Dental Marketing: Social Media For Dentists Explained
Social media is slowly being adapted by dentists looking to expand their dental marketing reach.
Marketing statistics company Hitwise reported that one in every eleven visits to Internet sites in the U.S. were to Facebook last month, with the site itself accounting for one in every five page views. But some dentists are hesitant to take part in this new “social media revolution” claiming that keeping up with the different social channels is confusing.

3. Email Is Still Effective as a Dental Marketing Channel
Email is still an effective dental marketing channel and there’s strong evidence to back this up.
An eMarketer report on May 2012 data from the CMO Council shows a significant majority of marketers worldwide (67%) rated email the most successful digital marketing vector. The Direct Marketing Association reports that the average email open rate for 2012 was up 2.6% over 2010, and the click-through rate was up 1.1% over the same time period.

4. Dental Marketing with Smile Cards
Word-of-mouth dental marketing—the spoken word carries great weight. The fact that one person believes something tends to convince another person that it must be true, else why would he/she have said it?  Strangely, word-of-mouth is the most neglected of all the forces at work in a dental marketing. Word-of-mouth has probably destroyed more dental practices and, conversely, made more practices successful than all the other forces in the marketplace put together.

5. Dental Marketing: 7 Ways To Turn Your Dental Office Into a Hot Marketing Machine
Dental marketing is more than just a geo-targeted, search engine optimized dental website and an effective email newsletter marketing plan. It also involves branding and an effective dental office display, which should begin before patients step inside your waiting room. Great dental office signage offers you the ability to speak to those potential patients when your practice is closed.

6. Dental Marketing: How To Set Up Google Alerts for Your Dental Practice
Using Google Alerts is a quick and easy way to monitor your name and dental practice name online. Google Alerts is an online content detection and notification service that automatically notifies users of this service when new content appears online that matches a specific set of search terms. With Google Local using review links from third party sources and Yelp merging their data with Bing, it’s more important than ever for dentists to keep track of what is being said about them or their dental practice online.

7. Dentists: Are Smartphones a Part of Your Dental Marketing Plan?
Dentists, is mobile phone marketing part of your dental marketing plan? Because it should be! Nielsenwire, the leader in measurement and information, just released their March 2012 stats on U.S. mobile subscribers who own smartphones. Smartphone usage is up from 47.8 percent in December 2011 to 50.4 percent in March. Consumers purchasing new phones picked smartphones more often, and among smartphone owners Apple was the top manufacturer of smartphone handsets, while Android was the top smartphone OS.

8. 7 Dental Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make
Dental marketing for your practice can be the answer to obtaining more new dental patients, if you use dental marketing tools correctly. In the past, many dentists relied solely on their good reputations to attract new patients over utilizing proven business marketing strategies. That was before patients began paying more out of pocket for dental treatments and started using the Internet to research dental care costs and services.

9. Can Popular Social Media Site Pinterest be Used for Dental Marketing?
We can hear dentists groaning now, “Please, not another social media site to integrate with my dental marketing plan!” But only having a dental website isn’t enough anymore, especially if that dental website isn’t geo-targeted and isn’t up-to-date with the latest dental keyword phrases. A modern dental practice must maintain an active, keyword rich website, a dental practice Facebook page, and a Google Plus page, and it also helps to post some dental demonstration videos on YouTube

10. Dental Marketing: The 3 Elements to Successful Radio Advertising
Radio can’t sell everything. But for dental marketing, we know it can sell high-end dentistry. Any dental advertiser who says, “radio doesn’t work,” used it wrong. The simplest-sounding commercial often out-produces the slick polished spot with the smooth voice and the professional jingle. Don’t take your eye off the ball here. It’s not important that your staff, friends, and family all like your new commercial.

Do you have a favorite dental marketing strategy that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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