Dental Practices Can Offer Cosmetic Services, Too!

Introducing Botox to Your Dental PatientsAesthetic consultant Catherine Maley
By Catherine Maley, MBA

By thinking outside of the box, dentists can reach a valuable target demographic: aesthetic patients looking for treatments such as Botox, Restylane, or cosmetic facial lasers. I’ve got some easy marketing strategies that will help you reach these patients.

Last week, I discussed how to prepare your staff and prepare your office for offering Botox to dental patients. Now, let’s examine some simple marketing strategies.

Prepare Your Patients

Creative marketing strategies will help spread the word about the aesthetic services you offer.

  • Mention Botox in your on-hold phone message.
  • Mail out an introductory letter explaining what Botox is and why you are offering it.
  • Include an “invoice stuffer” when you send out invoices.
  • Keep existing patients in the loop with a quarterly postcard.
  • A niche-segmented database can help you target the right audience.
  • Tempt patients with special offers. Use tight expiration dates to entice them in right away.

Leverage Email Communication

Email marketing is by far the cheapest and fastest way to communicate with your patients today. Thanks to advanced technology and streamlined processes, you can literally send out a message and, within minutes, have your telephone ringing with eager patients.

Email marketing is not a “nice” thing to offer your patients. It’s becoming mandatory if you want your patients to remember you when they are ready for aesthetic enhancement. In today’s competitive environment, it’s vital to keep in touch with patients on a regular basis. This will help ensure their loyalty to you and keep them coming back throughout the year. You also want to “market through education” since a true aesthetic patient wants to know what’s new in the world of cosmetic enhancement.

Be sure you are asking your patients for their email address so they can receive your very exclusive web offers and event announcements. And, your email messages must be brief, eye-catching and include very special promotions so they continue to want to receive communications from you.

There are certain times of the year that are more emotional than others for the aesthetic patient and you want to capitalize on that. Since aesthetic medicine is based on emotion and perceived need, develop a marketing plan around holidays. You will get a much better response when you promote your services around these themes:

Email Promotions at the Right Time of Year

  • New Year: New You
  • Valentine’s Day: Love Your Looks
  • Spring is Coming: Rejuvenate
  • Mother’s Day: Do Something Special Just for You
  • Summer is Coming: Are You Ready?
  • Holidays: Sparkle This Season

Start a “Botox Beauty Club”

Offer patients a Botox Card after their first treatment. They might receive $25 off their next visit and $50 off all visits after that. Really, it’s just like at the coffee house or the car wash. Your Botox vendor may help you with it as well.

Like the coffee house and the car wash, you can also give patients a Botox card that you punch each time they have it done. This way, after a certain number of treatments, they can get one for free.

The point is to keep them loyal to you.

Send Patients Birthday Cards

There is something about a looming birthday that will send the aesthetic patient into a tales spin. And, that makes sense. The aesthetic patient who cares about their looks will really care when their birthday is approaching.

To take advantage of this special time in the year for them, send them a fun birthday card that says, “Come Celebrate with Us” and offer $50 off any rejuvenation procedure listed. This is important – handwrite your signature and the address on the outside envelope. Use a stamp on a plain white envelope with no return address. You want this to look like very personal mail so it is well received and opened.

In addition, you might send the upcoming birthday month on the 15th of the previous month and have it expire two weeks after their birthday to add a sense of urgency so they pick up the telephone the minute they receive it.

Push Your Refer-a-Friend Program

We all know your best patient is the referred patient. They are not as price conscious and are already pre-sold on you. You do not want to take these referrals lightly. Every practice has their group of cheerleaders, and you do too.

Go through your database and pick out any patient who referred someone to you in the past year. Now, send them a personal letter telling them how much you appreciate them and how much you would like more patients just like them. Handwrite your signature and add a personal note such as, “Thanks for all your support, Patty!” Include two “$25 off your next aesthetic visit” cards: one for them and one for a friend. You can even give them multiple cards for multiple referrals. After all, the value of the referral is far greater than $25.

Ready To Jump In?

The above strategies are geared to setting up a winning team and bonding with your patients so they think of only you when they think of aesthetic enhancement. I promise you success if you implement these proven strategies.

And, I know I covered a lot! If you want to know more, check out my free marketing checklist…

Aesthetic patientsCatherine Maley, MBA, is the author of Your Aesthetic Practice: A Complete Guide: What Your Patients Are Saying. As a speaker and consultant, she helps doctors market themselves to cosmetic patients. For free tips, resources and strategies, visit or give Catherine a call at (877) 339-8833.


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