Sedation Dentistry Grows in Popularity Among Dentists

Sedation Dentistry Grows in Popularity Among DentistsPediatric sedation continues to grow in popularity as the number of children with serious dental conditions continues to grow.

The percentage of dentists who reported that sedation dentistry is a great treatment modality increased from 52% in 2010 to 68% in 2012, according to a recent The Wealthy Dentist survey.

The pediatric sedation survey found that suburban dentists are most in favor of sedation dentistry as a treatment option, followed by urban dentists.

Suburban dentists had the most comments on the subject, stressing that conscious sedation requires extensive training because of the risks involved.

One periodontist wrote, “I have been doing all forms of sedation for over 30 years. Young children are very brittle and administration requires advanced training for the safest outcomes.”

According to this survey, rural dentists are less likely to use sedation dentistry than any of the other dentists surveyed.

Here’s how the dentists answered when asked what best described their attitude towards pediatric sedation dentistry —

  • 68% – It’s a great treatment modality that requires proper training.
  • 05% – I still am not certain of its safety.
  • 27% – General dentists should not be performing pediatric sedation.

Sedation dentistry continues to become more common in pediatric dental care as the number of young children with serious dental issues is on the increase.

Here are some of the dentist’s comments —

“At our office an MD anesthesiologist provides sedation while I perform the dentistry. Clearly this is reserved primarily for the larger cases.” (Missouri dentist)

“Proper training is the key to the use of sedation.” (California dentist)

“It definitely requires proper training and absolute attention to detail otherwise it can without doubt, be deadly.” (Louisiana dentist)

“General dentists should not be performing pediatric sedation.” (Virginia dentist)

“I frankly am not in favor of sedation. It is overdone. Discussing their fears, proceeding slowly at first, and securing the patients confidence without drugging them is better in the long run.” (Michigan dentist)

“It’s the only way to treat some kids. I sure am thankful that I can refer to someone who does it as I would not want the liability and stress myself.” (Georgia dentist)

“It requires extensive training and case selection is very important.” (Pediatric dentist)

Dentists, what are your thoughts about sedation dentistry?

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