Practice Management: The Economy Has Changed Dentists’ Work Week

Dental Practice Management: The Economy Has Changed Some Dentists' Work Week (video)Dentists’ work week involves more than just treating patients.  There are also dental practice management issues that have to be attended to.

Often dentists devote four days a week to patient care and reserve the fifth day for practice management and administrative tasks.

According to the ADA, dentists work an average of 35 hours a week and another 3 hours managing their dental practice.  But the number of hours worked can vary greatly among dentists depending on the size and scope of their dental practice.

The Wealthy Dentist decided to conduct a survey that asked dentists how much they work in a given week.

An Oregon dentist responded, “Hours are not as productive as before the financial crisis. I am just now seeing a bit of an increase in patient acceptance and involvement in their care. Many who have lost their jobs and insurance want a ton of work done before the insurance goes away and want me to finance what the insurance doesn’t pay. Does not seem like a win/win to me.”

Some dentists have changed their work hours to attract new dental patients by working evenings and weekends to meet their dental patients’ needs since many have taken on second jobs, or are working more hours themselves.

To hear more of what dentists had to say about the amount of hours they work each week, Click on Play to watch the following short video —


How many hours a week are you working?  Has the economy altered your work week?

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