One in Four Dentists Owns a Porsche

Dentist, Can You Spare a Sports Car?

Dentists drive sports carsIt turns out that the stereotype of dentists driving sports cars isn’t just a silly fiction. In our survey, 60% of dentist respondents admitted they have owned a sports car. Even more remarkably, fully one in four dentists in this survey has owned a Porsche.

The Porsche brand is preferred by certain groups. Specialists in this survey were nearly twice as likely as general dentists to report owning or having owned a Porsche. In addition, male dentists were three times as likely to have a Porsche as their female colleagues.

Dental Survey Results

What dentists have to say about sports cars

  • “I don’t drive mine to the office. I keep it at home in the garage. I can’t afford the gas.” (California orthodontist)
  • “In this town, Porsche drivers are a dime a dozen. It’s the Bentley drivers you look out for.” (Nevada dentist)
  • “I get 28 MPG. I don’t ‘joy ride.’ It is a fun and economical vehicle for commuting and short trips. It is much better than a Hummer!” (Minnesota dentist)
  • “Everyone looks cool in a sports car.” (California dentist)
  • “How about the stereotype of the patients who drive cars that leak oil in the parking lot? Patients whose cars leak also do not take care of their teeth.” (Ohio periodontist)
  • “If I were in a foreign city and my child needed dental care, I would go to the dentist with the Porsche parked in his lot. To me it means that he is good at what he does.” (New Hampshire dentist)
  • “Nice cars, poor investments.” (Connecticut pediatric dentist)
  • “No problem with it. I just can’t fit three kids in one.” (Canada dentist)
  • “Old men trying to recapture their youth.” (New York pediatric dentist)
  • “In small town America, it doesn’t look to good. I have had patients say I am smart to drive a pickup.” (Minnesota dentist)
  • “Dentists seen in their expensive sports cars give confirmation to patients perceptions that dental fees are too high.” (Virginia dentist)
  • “I have a red Ferrari F430. I am not familiar with the stereotype you refer to, though maybe I am the stereotype but just don’t know it!!” (Nevada dentist)

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