The Famous Dentist With a Secret Stash of Celebrity Patient Teeth

The Famous Dentist With a Secret Stash of Celebrity Patient TeethThis week Dr. Bill Dorfman, the dentist from Extreme Makeover shocked the public with his admission to TMZ cameras that he has a collection of his celebrity patient’s teeth.

If you are a celebrity in LA and you have Dr Dorfman pull your teeth — watch out — they could end up on eBay!

Dorfman told the TMZ cameraman, “I actually save famous people’s teeth when I pull them … I can’t tell you because it’s like patient confidentiality. There have been a few really famous people and I thought one day maybe I could sell this on eBay.”

However, his story quickly changed as news reports surfaced about his statements to TMZ.

In a second interview later in the day, Dr. Dorfman backtracked his story by saying he was “totally joking.”

Below is a video of the original interview. What do you think?

There is nothing illegal about D. Dorfman stockpiling celebrity teeth, but is it ethical, especially if the celebrities in question didn’t know?

The full story: Has This Famous Dentist Secretly Been Stockpiling Celebrity Teeth?

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  • Dentist for 38 years

    The Jew Dorfman it at it again.
    How long are we going to, as a supposed profession, make homage and genuflect to every word of these sick TV dentists?

  • Guest

    When are the honest, conscientious dentists going to stop being shruggies and start doing something to make dentistry the revered profession it once was?  Why is dentistry now just a “supposed profession”?   There is a reason that dentists in this country are viewed as being lower than used car salesmen, and you are ALL contributing by not doing a thing to help the patients who have had their lives literally destroyed by dentists like Dorfman and his friends.  Do you have any idea as to what is going on in these offices?  Your head would spin if you knew–dentistry has turned into organized crime. Hopefully people will be able to see how easy it was for Dorfman to say “I didn’t mean it” without even blinking.  Yes people, that is how easy it is for these dental con men to lie to you even about matters which could mean your life and death. They won’t even blink as they carry their next bag of money to the bank, but they’ll get a good laugh because it’s all just a game to them.

  • SunnyDQ

    Sick and embarrassing to the all his colleagues in Dentistry.  I hope that the state board takes a look at his fetish

  • SunnyDQ

    Not appropriate response “Dentist for 38 yrs”.   just as bad as Dr. Dorfman’s comment.
    I hope it is deleted.

  • Cindysundet

    Dear Editor,
    thank you for editing out the repulsive comments from “Dentist for 38 yrs”.  It was on the site too long.  The whole comment can be edited out. 
    Let’s all keep it civil, appropriate, respectiful, helpful and informative. 
    Is this site public?  We as Dentists don’t need anymore bad press.

  • Chughes

    Hi Cindy,
    Thank you for your comment on the editing.  I hesitate to delete comments as I am kind of a free speech-type person and I agree that name calling is not appropriate.  The comment was on for part of a day and I got to it as soon as I had filtered through all the comments caught in spam.  We have a pretty comprehensive list of moderation words, and I just added that one since it was something I had never thought of blocking since I don’t think that way.  The site is checked once a day and depending on the number of spam and regular comments to go through we get to them as quickly as possible.  My email is listed above and feel free to email me directly if you see something that needs addressing before I have gone through the comments.  Thank you for your feedback!


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