IDA Dental Marketing Websites Attract New Patients 24/7 With SEO

Online dental marketing from the Internet Dental Alliance includes 24/7 Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Dentist websites and dental directory listings are automatically updated to maximize search engine results positioning (SERP), helping dentists attract more new dental patients.

IDA’s New Patient Control Panel allows the dental patient acquisition company to automatically update all dental practice websites and dental directories across the country for search engine optimization changes as often as needed. With this SEO technology, changes to the master database are automatically reflected in all dental marketing portals and find-a-dentist listings within a matter of hours.

“Some people guarantee you first-page results in Google overnight,” says Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “Snake-oil salesmen! No one can promise that. The only way to get reliably high in organic search engine listings is by totally optimizing your web presence as part of a cohesive internet dentist marketing campaign.” Du Molin pauses. “But a practicing dentist doesn’t have time to do dental SEO by him or herself.”

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing frequently change their algorithms. Moreover, the programming behind search engine results is hidden, making it harder for profiteers to exploit the search results. Until now, it has been virtually impossible for dentists to adjust their dental websites, directories, and newsletters to keep up with the latest changes.

IDA closely monitors search engine algorithms and dental website search ranking. The company frequently updates its master database to keep up with these changes; this automatically updates every single page of every single New Patient Portal. This ensures that IDA dental websites rank highly on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines.

“I don’t know of any other dental marketing company with this level of control and technology,” says Du Molin. “Based on the information a dentist provides in the online New Patient Control Panel, we search engine optimize every page of their website. It’s all done automatically, and it’s all customized with the dentist and dental practice’s exact information.”

IDA optimizes search engine results is by geo-targeting each New Patient Portals. Each IDA dental website design automatically targets the city where the practice is located, as well as additional surrounding cities, neighborhoods or areas. The dental website programming references your location, state and ZIP code, which automatically targets local dental patients searching for a dentist online.

Each IDA dental website design also includes optimizing for dental markets, such as: cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, dental implants, braces, sedation dentistry, dentures, etc. This ensures that dentists will capture more leads from patients looking online for that specific type of dentistry.

IDA is the largest provider of websites for dentists in North America. In addition to providing dental directories and email patient newsletters, it has also developed the cutting-edge LeadFire automated lead generation platform. IDA also provides online dental marketing services, as well as dental management advice and resources.

About Jim Du Molin

+Jim Du Molin is a leading Internet marketing expert for dentists in North America. He has helped hundreds of doctors make more money in their practices using his proven Internet marketing techniques.


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