Dr. Alex Tavitian’s Burbank Sedation Dentistry Has A Tradition Of Trusted Caring

Dr. Alex Tavitian offers sedation dentistry in Burbank for residents who have phobias or who experience overwhelming dental anxiety can be completely relaxed and care-free throughout their dental appointment. Dr. Tavitian understands the needs of people who fear the dentist and does his best to help them feel at ease while they receive their much needed dental treatments.

The philosophy of Dr. Tavitian’s Burbank sedation dentistry office staff is that there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Dr. Tavitian and his team of professionals in Burbank often see patients who have not been to a dentist in years. It’s not unusual for them to see patients who require extensive, complex treatment. But the good news is that with sedation, the doctor can usually accomplish complete care and restoration in just one comfortable, anxiety free visit.

Sedation is as simple as taking a pill and the patient is conscious and responsive throughout the procedure. However, the patient remains in a deeply relaxed state, and does not feel nervous or fidgety. There is no experience of discomfort or anxiety, no awareness of sounds or smells, and patients won’t remember any part of the treatment. When the procedure is complete, they feel totally relaxed and won’t remember a thing. In fact, it’ll seem like only a few minutes have passed.

Burbank sedation dentist Dr. Alex Tavitian DDS is a member of American Dental Association, Crown Council Member, American Academy of Dentistry, California Dental Association, Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, Internet Dental Alliance, MasterPlan Alliance.

To schedule an appointment with your trusted sedation dentist in Burbank now, call (818) 955-7788, or visit http://www.BurbankDentalCare.com/ and fill out the online form. Burbank Dental Care is located at 2625 W Alameda Ave, Ste 420, Burbank, CA 91505.

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