Is Creating a Dental Insurance Club Smart Dental Marketing?

Is Creating a Dental Insurance Club Smart Dental Marketing?Now, more than ever, dentists must be smart about their dental marketing efforts, but do these efforts need to include creating a solution for uninsured dental patients?

A local Evansville, Indiana dentist thinks so.

Dentist Chris Meunier has developed a way for his uninsured dental patients to afford dental care by creating a dental insurance club.

Dr. Meunier told that his private dental insurance plan acts like a dental club.

For a yearly membership fee of $299, dental patients can receive dental care from Dr. Meunier for procedures such as teeth cleanings, dental X-rays and periodic dental exams. The membership plan also gives patients a 20% discount on most dental treatments.

“Most of the patients that we are signing up are patients that we have been treating anyway and they don’t have dental coverage, so they are paying my full fee out of pocket. So now they are getting the benefit of the membership and they are getting 20% off of certain procedures that they need to have done. They get some tooth whitening that’s included too, so it’s been a good thing,” Meunier told

Dr. Meunier’s dental plan is smart because it stimulate loyalty and permanent relationships with some of his best dental patients.

Do you think this is a brilliant dental marketing move by the dentist, or do you think implementing your own dental insurance club would create more hassle than it’s worth?

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  • This sounds interesting, Jim. I’d like to see the contract. I suppose it doesn’t attract the attention of insurance commissions.

  • Erhughesdds

    It is worth consideration!

  • Skinnerdds

    its illegal…There are specific regulations one must follow to be an “insurance company”, which is what this is regardless of the fact he calls it a “club”

  • MeunierDDS

    We have partenered with Quality Dental Plan (QDP) to offer this to our patients.  They have done all the legwork in setting it up and I just customized it for our office.  Anyone that is interested in learning more about QDP, can contact them.  Their website is 
    I didn’t reinvent the wheel when I set this up, I just followed the lead of others who have implemented it successfully.

  • Interesting points, it could help some people by doing this

  • WSdchad

    I’m not sure if that’s the case @02cc3cc1c5496c78195418dc1ff32014:disqus If it’s treated like a layaway plan, that’s a very common form of consumer purchase financing (albeit less common since the advent of credit cards).  The only difference is that this is a health service versus a product.

    Plastic surgeons offer layaway types of plans… why not for dental care?

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