Can Popular Social Media Site Pinterest be Used for Dental Marketing?

Can Popular Social Media Site Pinterest be Used for Dental Marketing?We can hear dentists groaning now, “Please, not another social media site to integrate with my dental marketing plan!”

But only having a dental website isn’t enough anymore, especially if that dental website isn’t geo-targeted and isn’t up-to-date with the latest dental keyword phrases.

A modern dental practice must maintain an active, keyword rich website, a dental practice Facebook page, and a Google Plus page, and it also helps to post some dental demonstration videos on YouTube.

Social media is a great way for dentists to engage and communicate with dental patients on a regular basis. It takes a little more work on the dental practice side to keep the social media engagement going.

It’s not just a one-time post with a teeth-whitening special.

Social media is a conversation between the dentist and his dental patients about what’s going on at the dental practice, what new cosmetic dental procedure patients like, what new treatment financing options are available and so on.

And using the new social media site Pinterest can further help dentists promote their dental practice.

If you aren’t sure about Pinterest for dental marketing, then check out the following stats compiled by Monetate Marketing Infographics about Pinterest —

Is Pinterest the Next Social Commerce Game Changer?

Think about Pinterest as more of an online scrapbook that links to the websites where the images are found.  This is the traffic power behind using Pinterest.  Pinterest users “scrapbook” their ideas, hobbies, passions and inspiration with the world when they “pin” images to their virtual boards.

Members are able to follow each other and comment, just like other social media platforms.  They also share their boards with each other.

Here are 7 ways a dental practice can use Pinterest for dental marketing

1.  Share images of your dental practice, both inside and out.

2.  Share your before and after photos from those dental patients who have given permission to share their images online.

3.  Encourage your dental patients to share their images on your boards.  Ideas like “My dental patients graduating this year” and invite them to post their graduation photos with their beautiful smiles.

4.  Share new dental equipment.

5.  Even share the things you enjoy and you may find many patients who share your passions for trout fishing, race cars, or golf.

6.  If you have dental patients who are getting married, ask them to share a couple of their wedding photographs.

7.  Women are even planning their weddings on Pinterest.  Think of the services you can offer a prospective bride that she may want to include on her wedding planning boards for things she wants to get done before the big day.

Dentists must be present in more places online, and recognize that dental patients increasingly want to engage in social media, regardless of the platform. Broadening your dental marketing to include image boards on Pinterest is a simple new way to showcase your dental practice in a positive light.

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  • Pinterest is, as you pointed out, THE Social Media darling of the moment. There’s no question that the traffic and engagement numbers are increasing and impressive. I’m not convinced personally that this means dentists should dive in head-first just yet. My initial impression is that it’s like Donald Trump at a mime convention. Just because there’s a lot of people there doesn’t mean they’re going to talk with you.

  • bellevuedentist

    Our office is very active on social media, Facebook and Twitter, Delicious, Digg and Stumbleupon as well as just starting on G+.  But my thought is exactly as you stated in your opening sentence – not another social site to worry about.  Most dentists already need a full time person just to keep up with the social media.  Also, I read in a recent article that Pinterest makes you sign over your photos so that they can use and alter them in anyway that they want to use them – that is a little scary!  Especially, with patients that sign a release for us to use their photos, but not a “second hand” user.  Seems this may open dentists up to potential litigation in some cases, if they don’t chose their photo patients well.

  • Catherine

    It might seem that way at first glance, except that women are loving Pinterest more than other social media.  I informally asked 25 of my female friends ranging in age from 28 to 65 and they all say Pinterest is their favorite thing because of the fact that you can create lists and save image views of websites, products and blog posts they like They love how they can organize them on boards in an easy way to find them visually at a later date.

    Women are planning their weddings on Pinterest, and teeth whitening along with other dental services are on their to-do lists before the big day.  I think it is the perfect place for a dentist to showcase what services he/she can offer the bride, or groom-to-be (the bride to be will add it to her list).

    But what is most important is that it creates another link back to your website and that link can be easily shared by the users of Pinterest.  Why wouldn’t you want a free link back to your website?

  • Catherine

    I agree with you on the use of patients photos and I think a dentist should be real clear with patients about how their photos are used and in what context in social media.  But a dentist could create a community board for his/her patients on Pinterest and they can add their own photographs.

    And Pinterest’s policy on this is, “If an artist sues for copyright infringement the users will be held responsible for hiring a defense lawyer for themselves and Pinterest.” So Pinterest is pointing back that the artist owns the copyright.

    As always Bellevue dentist you bring up some great points and I appreciate your feedback and comments!

  • Catherine, thanks for your reply! I don’t think you’re wrong to point out that there may be real value in Pinterest for dentists. In fact, I agree with you. There is some value there.

    I would caution dentists, however, to take a little bit of time to develop a unique strategy for extracting that value from Pinterest (or any Social Media tool for that matter). Think hard about what truly distinguishes your practice from the next, and do it in a creative, thoughtful and engaging way. As you’ve pointed out, catering to young bride-to-be’s is a nice way to get started. But, as we’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t take long for the “herd” mentality to set in, and all dentists start to look a like.

    To stand out from the herd, my advice is to engage your potential patients on a personal level. Don’t simply PUSH out your pins and expect that the patients will be lining up outside your doors. Instead, leave thoughtful comments on the pinned items in a potential patient’s collection. Share an experience you’ve had with an item that they’ve pinned. And, don’t forget to ask them questions about something that they’ve pinned. Make a genuine connection. You’d be surprised how effective this can be when the bride  realizes that you’re the only dentist that took the time to show a genuine interest in the things she cares about.


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