Dental Care: Dentist Uses Paper Clips for Root Canals

Dental Care: Dentist Uses Paper Clips for Root CanalsPaper clips for dental patient root canals and Hydrocone for the dental staff — does this sound like a normal dental practice to you?

It doesn’t to Maryland Superior Court Judge Richard Moses, who is scheduled to sentence former dentist Michael Clair on one count of tampering with evidence, one count of witness intimidation, two counts of assault and battery, three counts of illegally prescribing controlled substances, three counts of larceny, and five counts of Medicaid fraud.

Sounds like the legal system is having a good time working Dr. Clair over. But was it deserved . . . absolutely!

Dr. Michael Clair fraudulently billed Medicaid for $130,000 between August 2003 and June 2005. At that time he was licensed to practice dentistry, but had been prohibited from doing work on Medicaid patients. Investigators allege Clair performed the work and then had other dentists in the practice submit bills to Medicaid.

The investigation also charged that Clair twice used paper clips rather than the more expensive stainless steel posts to strengthen teeth given a root canal. Investigators also charged Clair with prescribing Hydrocodone, Combunox and Percocet to staff members, who in turn gave some of the medicine back to him.

Clair has admitted guilty to all the charges.

Read more: Fall River dentist who used paper clips pleads guilty before trial

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  • patti depaola

    I went thru an improperly placed oral reconstruction resulting in TMD. When I told my dentist I had seen another dentist for a second opinion he became so angry he illegally sedated me & drilled thru one of my last molars severing it. He did not have a current control substance license. Sectioning was impossible as he destroyed everything above the gum including his own crown lengthening & gum surgery.
    For 6 months I complained of pain & gross swelling from my eye into my neck. My dentist ignored it till I had an x-ray taken by a colleague down the hall. My dentist told me it was too late for an endodontist & performed an RCT. Every time my dentist opened the site it reeked of decay. I asked about guarantees & a replacement crown.
    On the day I was to have final impressions for a free replacement crown my dentist’s wife stated I would never recieve that “FREE” crown replacement. I asked for my file to see another dentist. He stated he had to check for infection he never treated before. He drugged me. He pulled a syringe from behind his back. He did not remove the temporary crown, he blew it off with his drill & it ricocheted thru out my mouth.
    My dentist did not believe in antibiotics & also informed my physician not to treat me as I was a hyperchondriac. I ended up on life support with respiratory & renal failure, hemmorhaging internally from septic shock. My surgery failed & all my internal organs relocated outside my body. Due to ileus my intestines flipped on top of my stomach & my colon protruded out my navel leaving me to vomit my own feces along with ongoing renal failure. No surgeon could repair me & without repair I would die.
    A great surgeon was brought to Chicago’s North Western Memorial Hospital from the Mayo Clinic to make such a huge repair. 2 weeks before my reconstructive surgery my incision of 2 years reopened from intra abdominal abscess. Due to lack of medical insurance I was taught how to flush & pack the huge hole till my surgery. It was very important to keep the site open till my surgery.
    It took me 2 years to find a surgeon to repair me. My surgery, one of the largest performed was a success. I had strictures & adhesions.
    It took almost 4 years more to find an honest dentist to repair me dentally. One prosthodontist signed me up for a $6,000.00 loan & I never heard from him again. I was responsible for that loan till the prosthodontist found his way to refund the money to the credit card company.
    Oral surgeons became irate & stated, “No dental patient can acquire septic shock!” “You ‘re lying!” One oral surgeon called my physician demanding my full medical & hospital history.
    They all admitted my reconstruction was grossly decayed & I had 3 abscesses. But all they did was overcharge me for consultations. 
    My medical doctors were afraid of septic shock again.
    An ordinary general dentist put me on antibiotics ASAP & scheduled me with an oral surgeon from the UK. I had 3 abscesses, 1 attached to the root. The oral surgeon called in his staff to see an abscess attached to the root. The oral surgeon also stated, “Your recontruction was either improperly performed or left decayed.”
    As for the “POSTS” stated in my file??? “There were no posts.”
    My old dentist threw my life away like garbage…as he drilled thru my molar he said, “You got what you deserve for seeing a piece of crap neuromuscular dentist.” He stated neuromuscular dentists are charlatans practicing voodoo.
    The day my dentist drilled thru my molar he said, “You’re going to look worse than the day you first walked in my office.” “Toothless!” “You’re going to look as tho you have dentures but don’t have them in.” “TOOTHLESS!”
    I’m alive today because of a great surgeon, a great caring general dentist & a wonderful oral surgeon from the United Kingdom.
    My old dentist threw my life away like trash.  
    Today I have beautiful smile.
    I didn’t have staples as posts…I had no posts for my $30,000.00
    Patti Depaola


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