Science Friday: Fluoride Being Added Back in City Water

Science Friday: Fluoride Being Added Back in City WaterThe City Council of Pinellas Park Florida has unanimously agreed that fluoride should be added back to the city water.

Dentists in the community supported adding fluoride in the public water supply, supporting the ADHA position that “fluoride is an effective, safe, and inexpensive way to prevent tooth decay.”

Dr. Dick Tomlin, a dentist in Pinellas Park for 42 years, said fluoride accounted for a “direct improvement” in his patients’ teeth. reports that dentist Tomlin was quoted as saying, “I have seen a lot of changes in over three generations of patients. There’s no question in our minds — we have seen a dramatic decrease in the decay in the kids we see. That’s all we’re after.”

TBN states that the fluoride mixture to be added to the water would be kept in bulk storage tanks outside the city’s two pump station. The city plans to maintain fluoride levels in the city water at 0.7 parts per million. Once new storage tanks and other equipment are installed, annual costs would work out to be approximately $1.40 per resident.

For more on this story see: Fluoride to go back in city water

What are your thoughts on the science behind fluoride in city drinking water?

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  • Fluoride, Dentists “Magic Bullet” is
    Shooting Blanks

    Poor Not
    Helped; Money Wasted; Kids in Dental Pain; Viable Alternatives

    decades of water fluoridation in New York State, the Journal of the American Dental
    Association reports that emergency treatment for NYS toddlers’ severe tooth
    decay has grown substantially in numbers and costs, many require general
    anesthesia, (1)

    Fluoridation is touted as
    an effective cavity preventive that will save money. But this study and others
    proves it’s doing neither.

    In 72% fluoridated NYS,
    25,622 children, under six-years-old, made cavity-related emergency dental
    visits from 2004 though 2008. Visits grew from 4,361 in 2004 to 5,683 in 2008.
    Seventy-five percent required general anesthesia, up from 35% in 2004. Total
    costs: $121 Million ($18.5 million in 2004 increased to $31.3 million in 2008),
    most borne by taxpayers.

    “There is a limited number
    of dentists willing to treat patients younger than 6 and/or accept Medicaid”
    write the NYS researchers.


    NYS Department of Health statistics
    reveal that, even when water is fluoridated, cavity-rates are extremely high in
    low-income third-graders. (2) For

    85% of low-income third graders have
    tooth decay in Wayne County (74% fluoridated)
    83% in
    Ontario County (61% fluoridated)
    82% in
    Cayuga County (not fluoridated)
    82% in
    Allegheny County (14% fluoridated)
    81% in
    Livingston County (55% fluoridated)
    67% in
    Schuyler County (not fluoridated)
    58% in
    Nassau County (not fluoridated)

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