All Dental Marketing is Systems!

by Jim Du Molin

94% of success is the system, 6% is creativity.

This statement comes from W. Edwards Deming, the master of system design and technology. After WWII, Deming went to Japan to rebuild industry using systems that target quality. He practiced it, he preached it, and it’s now become accepted truth in business that 94% of success is the system and 6% is creativity.

I’m going to be giving you systems as part of the program for marketing. These are straightforward, step-by-step systems, and it’s important that you follow them.

All you have to do to personalize our system is enter in your contact information. Change Dr. Sample to your name, change the 123 Main Street address to your own address, and use your phone number. That’s all you really have to do for success with our training programs.

I’ve seen lots of marketing problems over the years. Sometimes a doctor will say, “Hey, I got this great idea from Jim Du Molin of The Wealthy Dentist. I also talked to Pride and went to their seminar. And then I had a great seminar with Bill Blanchford. So I took the idea from Jim, and I took one from Blanchford, and I took one from Pride, and I kind of combined them together into this one big great idea.

Guess what? It won’t work. To be successful in your dental marketing, you must preserve the integrity of the system. I don’t care what system you use. The key thing here is to use one system consistently because it is designed to work as a whole. When you take bits and pieces of different ideas and put them together, you can defeat the entire system. So stay with your system.

First, choose systems that complement your personality. I can’t stress this enough. It’s important! For example, I know one doctor who has an elephant. A literal elephant. And this doctor would go on late-night TV in his jeans, flannel shirt, and cowboy hat, riding his elephant. He’d say, “Come one, come all, and come on down and see the biggest teeth in town!” He was comfortable with that style of practice marketing.

Now, the question I’ve got to ask you is: would you be comfortable sitting on the back of an elephant telling everybody to come on down to your dental office? Perhaps not. What works for one doctor is not necessarily going to work for all doctors. This is what you’ve got to be careful about when you’re selecting your marketing strategies. You’ve got to make sure that they complement your personality.

Next, we want to start with strategies that have the lowest cost of acquisition. Why spend a dollar more than you need to before you have to? So start with the strategies that cost the least to acquire, then build up as needed and as new patients join the practice.

The third thing to remember is to choose systems that target the types of patients you want and screen out undesirables. We all know who the undesirable patient is. It’s the patient who calls you at 11:30 on Saturday night with a toothache and wants you to prescribe drugs over the phone. The systems that we’re going to teach you through The Wealthy Dentist are geared to pushing those types away and attracting those kinds of people who appreciate a true professional in the community. That’s what we want.

And finally, we want marketing strategies that preheat the patients for case acceptance. You’ve probably all heard this one, but the best patient you can get is the one who walks through the door and says, “Doctor, Mrs. Weatherbee sent me. She said that you were the kindest, best doctor in the entire community and that she’s never been to a better dentist. I’ll pay for all my services in cash. I just want to be a member of your practice.”

So what do you say when you hear this?

You say, “Yes!”

What did it cost you to get this referral? Absolutely nothing other than treating your current patients correctly. That’s a highly preheated patient. She’s going to accept the dental treatment that you recommend. She’s the ideal patient, and the Wealthy Dentist wants to help you find her and others just like her!

Jim Du Molin

About Jim Du Molin

+Jim Du Molin is a leading Internet marketing expert for dentists in North America. He has helped hundreds of doctors make more money in their practices using his proven Internet marketing techniques.


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