The Truth About Dentists Needing More New Patients

Fully 68% of dentists think that they need more new patients. Only 9% say they have as many new patients as they need. 23% are just getting by.

“We need new patients. This is possibly due to the fact that we have chosen not to engage in managed care, i.e., our name is not on these lists,” opined a New Jersey dentist.

The Truth About Dentists Needing More New Patients

Here are just a few of the comments from dentists on needing more new patients:

“New patient flow has tapered off!!” (California dentist

Our town has had no growth in several years, so new patients are hard to come by.” (Texas dentist)

“We need patients with more $$$$” (Minnesota dentist)

“What battle are we fighting? Poor economy? Patients in a general funk and therefore just putting off dental care? Decreasing insurance coverage? Lack of perceived need? Etc? Etc? If we knew the enemy, it would be easier to address.” (Iowa dentist)

“New patient influx is affected by the holidays. We don’t see as many in November and December!” (General dentist)

“I have a unusual practice. I own a walk-in dental ER. We need about 200 new patients in pain. We have been open about 2 years and are starting to get some (50%) referrals. About 15% are now returns. Radio and the Internet account for most. The phone book gets a few older adults. This is a new idea for Springfield MO. and I am pleased with the progress.” (Missouri ER dentist)

“We have gone back to the dirty days of hucksterism and bait-and-switch in this profession. New patients are bought, stolen and traded. The destroy the reputation game on the Internet leaves patients confused and distrusting. Dentists are regaining the reputation of thieving ‘sharpies’.” (Pennsylvania dentist)

“How about a survey asking if dentists feel this recession is ending? Getting worse? Or developed into a depression? The driver of my lab (one of the largest in the state) that is a very good friend/patient says that half the employees are laid off and the other half are forced to take every 4th day off from lack of business from dentists. We are in crisis mode but no one wants to talk publicly about it.” (Indiana dentist)

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  • Hur102711

    And yet we are adding more dentists via new dental schools or increasing current class sizes.  After reading the ADA article about dental schools all operating not only in the black but HEAVILY in the black, it is no wonder.  The profession is being destroyed each and every day in every direction.  We are heading the way of Pharmacists, my friends.  I give the profession and sole practitioners about 10 years.  60% of dentistry will be corporate by 2020 and 80% by 2030.  The solo practitioner will be dead or defunct by 2040.  I pray I am wrong. 

    The problem is all you older dentists “got yours.”  Now, many of you are behind the corporate greed that is Wall Street, funding the managed care entities.  Pacific Dental at the forefront.  The solution is quality leadership that can herd cats and create standards of care as well as standards for rate increases of dental work.  Dentistry is on sale for 75% off compared to what it cost 30 years ago, yet people complain about it being too expensive. 

    A boob job was $2000 in 1990.  Today, you cannot get a good “set” for less than $8500.  A crown in 1990?  Around $500.  Today, around $750.  Plastic surgeons are far better at setting their fees than true professionals:  dentists.  Yet, who is still prospering? 

    If every dental service was appropriately priced, no one would be clamoring for new patients.  If new dentists sucked it up like those who graduated in the 70’s and 80’s, and did  not work for managed care, no one would be clamoring for new patients.  If dentists over the age of 65 retired, like they should, no one would be clamoring for new patients.  If dental schools set the limit of new dental students equal to the population growth/dental retirees, no one would be clamoring for new patients. 

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