Dental Nightmare: Children Strapped Down, Given Unnecessary Root Canals

Investigation Reveals Disturbing Trends at Pediatric Dental Practice

(Rochester, New York) In December, Channel 13 News aired an undercover investigation of a local pediatric dentistry office. Video showed children at Irondequoit Small Smiles strapped in restraints, separated from their parents, and forced to undergo multiple root canals.

Now former clinic director Dr. David Gardner (sent to prison for larceny) is speaking out for the first time, publicly acknowledging that much of this dental work was unnecessary. Pressured by the parent company to make at least a million dollars a year, Gardner resorted to Medicaid fraud. “The biggest thing you can do is those baby root canals and crowns because it’s $220 that Medicaid does not question,” said Gardner.

Since the report aired, Small Smiles has changed its policies, now allowing parents to accompany their children during procedures. Small Smiles cooperated with authorities, repaid close to half a million dollars, and disputes many of Gardner’s allegations.

Gardner, meanwhile, has finished his time in prison, given up his dental license, moved out of state, and is now selling RVs.

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  • Oh, and I think I just read something published about wanting to limit the amount of FEMALES entering school because they….DON’T DONATE TO THE DENTAL SCHOOL? Hmmm…wonder if a female dentist ever did such a thing like this? You think? I have never even had a patient tell me that a FEMALE dentist hurt them…but the male dentists are STILL TERRORIZING THE with babies and small children…and the schools want to keep women out! This is totally outrageous, absurd…

  • Joe Pearson

    Dr Gardener’s actions were reprehensible and the loss of his career is a well deserved consequence. However it is unlikely that he was the only person in this practice assaulting patients and stealing. It’s too bad that others weren’t punished.

    With respect to Ms Boudreaux’s comment, it’s really not a gender issue.

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