Dental Graduates Are Not Prepared To Start a Business (video)

Dental Graduates Are Not Prepared To Start a BusinessThe Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists, “Are today’s dental school graduates prepared for the real world?”

Four out of five dentists who responded felt that dental school graduates are unprepared for the business realities of running a dental practice.

One dentist declared, Dental schools routinely produce graduates who believe that they know a great deal more that they really know. They are definitely not ready for private practice!”

Specialists were more likely to approve of the job that dental schools are doing in educating dental students.

Watch the following video to hear more of what dentists had to say about dental schools —

What are your thoughts? Are dental school graduates prepared to run a dental business?

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    The reality of practicing dentistry has a little knowledge of dental
    practice management. That is like preparing for parenting: how do you
    know when you’re ready?” Doing well in dental school is no
    guarantee that a student will become a good clinician. “Dental school
    prepares you for your board exams, not the real world of dentistry. So, how can
    graduates expect to practice dentistry if they can’t run a dental practice?

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