Dental Marketing on the Internet: What is the Value?

the value of internet dental marketingSocial media has joined the Internet dental marketing toolbox along with multiple targeted websites and directory listings that are now required for maximizing new patient flow.

Dentists measure many things in order to determine if their actions justify the cost. This is especially true when it comes to dental marketing.

Dentists are not alone in this thinking.

Arthur O’Connor, a doctoral student at Pace University in New York, decided to research the value of social-media popularity, and if it can be correlated with the price of a company stock.

It turns out that Mr. O’Connor found a “statistically significant” relationship between a company’s stock value and the company’s popularity online. For a ten month period, he tested three brands: Starbucks, Nike and Coca-Cola.

He discovered that the more social-media fans a brand had, the better its stock was likely to do, regardless of general market conditions.

Internet marketers are now calling this kind of influence “conversational currency.”

Social media specialist Vitrue, conducted a similar study and determined that, on average, a Facebook fan base of 1 million translates into at least $3.6 million in equivalent media over a year.

While no one expects a dental practice on Facebook to have a million friends, 250 to 500 would be doable and easily set the practice at the top of the social media spectrum for dentistry in their area.

A study by Eventbrite calculated every time someone shared a link about an upcoming event in social media, it generated the following dollar value ticket sales:

  • Facebook $2.52
  • LinkedIn $0.90
  • Twitter $0.34

But these statistics don’t stop just with social media. Do you know what a top search ranking is worth to your dental practice?

The online advertising network, Chitika reported that the top ranking on Google is worth double the traffic of the number 2 spot in search.

To build a successful Internet dental marking strategy you really need to get your targeted dental websites into positions 1-7 in organic search, have a presence in social media and be listed on at least 10 different dental directories.

Visit the Internet Dental Alliance website today to learn how we can help you build a dental practice marketing strategy that will generate more high-value new dental patients.

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