Let’s Have a Holiday to Celebrate the Free Market…

Did You Know That Thanksgiving Honors the Death of Socialism?

Last week I reported on the results of our political survey, where we learned that three out of four dentists want to see a Republican in the White House – and that Mitt Romney is dentists’ favorite candidate. I also related a friend’s insight into Canada’s broken health care system. So you’ll understand why I’ve had socialism on my mind recently! It seems a good time to share with you an interesting anecdote about the secret role of socialism in one of America’s most revered holidays.

The story of Thanksgiving may not be quite what’s on your mind for the new year, but there are some lessons here that that can help you and your team run a better dental practice.

The holiday’s story is a quintessentially American one. The Mayflower lands at Plymouth in 1620, and the Pilgrims nearly starve during their first winter. But the Indians teach them farming techniques, the colonists work hard, and by the next year the crop is plentiful and prosperity is at hand.

But of course that’s not really how it happened.

Historical references suggest that the Pilgrims went hungry for a number of years. The governor of the colony at the time blamed it on the laziness and corruption of the colonists, many of whom stole food rather than toiling in the fields.

And then something happened. The harvest of 1623 was a good one, and the next year saw so much food that the colony was able to export corn. So what changed? What happened that allowed the colony to go from subsistence to prosperity?

The answer, it turns out, is both economic and political. Early Plymouth was essentially a socialist society. All profits and supplies were put into a “common stock” that provided for the needs of all colonists. The governor noted that the strong young men were frustrated by this. Feeling that others were reaping the benefits of their labor, some refused to work.

So in 1623 the governor of Plymouth replaced the socialist setup with a free market one. Each family got a plot of land and the rights to whatever they produced. Within a year, the once-starving colony was producing more food than it needed.

What’s more, Plymouth is not an isolated example; the same thing happened in Jamestown and other colonies. Many colonies were initially based on socialist principles, and like Plymouth, they starved and barely subsisted. Only by changing to a free market economy were they able to prosper.

Read Richard Marbury’s complete Thanksgiving history or post your own thoughts below.

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