Cost of Veneers Survey: Dentists Feel Veneers are Undervalued

Cost of VeneersPorcelain veneers are the most common type of dental veneers with some dentists feeling that porcelain veneers should be priced the same as crowns.

In fact, several dentists felt they should be charging twice as much.

“I should be charging twice as much due to the work involved!” advised one dentist, “The prep time can be labor intensive.”

“I think they are undervalued,” said another dentist, “They can be very difficult especially in trying to mask darker, discolored teeth when patients wish to avoid full coverage.”

In this survey we asked dentists what they charge for veneers.

There wasn’t a big difference in cost between dentists and specialists, with dentists reporting an average cost of $1,175.00 and specialists reporting $1,354.00.

Here are some of the comments from dentists:

“Feldspathic, though much more labor intensive to make, brings the tooth back to normal strength tolerance. E-max, being stronger works great in some situations, but may cause total tooth failure because of the higher strength.” (Kentucky dentist)

Porcelain veneers should be priced the same as crowns. It is a technically sensitive restoration and the aesthetics need to be compensated.” (Ohio dentist)

” When properly prepped and after inserted polished, it is as much work as a crown. Lab fees may even be higher … and don’t forget most patients want a temp veneer after prep.” (New York dentist)

“The cost depends on the lab I use. If Lumineers — it could cost me $200.00, so the patient fee would be $600.00. My regular lab does them for $100.00, so my fee of $400.00 is OK.” (General dentist)

“I would assume the cost is dependent on where the practice is located and whether the veneers are no prep, minimal prep, or “standard” prep. If the patient is a “high demand” patient or custom shading by the lab technician is required — that could drive up the cost as well.” (Illinois dentist)

“I am doing a lot fewer due to Invisalign (Maryland dentist)

For more on this survey see: Cost of Tooth Veneers: Around $1100 Each

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