Dentist Feels Cost of Dentures Driven Down by Shoddy Overseas Labs

Cost of dentures and overseas labs There is a growing trend of by dental labs to outsource work to other countries outside of the U.S.

Bennett Napier, co-executive director of the National Association of Dental Laboratories estimates that 15 to 20 percent of all dentures, bridges and crowns in the United States are now manufactured offshore — and the percentage is rising every year.

With these number increasing, it would stand to reason that dentists are talking about labs in our dental surveys. We recently asked dentists what the average costs of dentures are at their practice and at a prosthodontist’s practice in their area.

A Washington dentist replied, “Denturists in my state have driven down the cost of dentures by shoddy overseas labs. Unethical and unwarranted extractions by the “hired help” at Denturist offices is routine!”

Another dentist revealed that, “We receive phone calls and mailings trying to get us to outsource to places like China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines.”

“A good lab is essential. I am not sure how they are teaching the fabrication in dental school now, but there will be more demand due to the economy,” wrote an Indiana dentist.

And what is the average cost of dentures? $2,752.00 if treatment is performed by a dentist and $3,725.00 if performed by a prosthodontist.

Cost of dentures

The cost was also a concern from the dentists who responded to this survey –

“For the time it takes to make accurate records and to see the patient for subsequent adjustments, the fee should be much higher!” (General dentist)

“You can’t charge enough!” (General dentist)

“Denture-making done correctly requires the same amount of time and effort as a cosmetic case involving 8 -10 teeth (#s 5-12 or 4-13) and yet most dentists charge 1/4 of the what they charge for the porcelain bonded case. Is it any wonder that most dentists have stopped doing them.” (Colorado dentist)

“The price should be at least $4000 — but insurance dips their hands in!” (Pennsylvania dentist)

“I should charge more with all the denture adjusts and the unrealistic expectations of some patients. This is probably the biggest headache in my practice.  I am considering not doing conventional dentures anymore — only implant supported!” (Minnesota dentist)

“A very good set of dentures requires a lot of work and at least 6 appointments. That’s a lot of appointments and time spent, but necessary for a very good denture. Fees for dentures need to reflect this amount expertise and time involved in their fabrication.”
(Ohio prosthodontist)

For more on this survey see: The Average Cost of Dentures.

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