Wisdom Teeth Removal Fee Analysis

wisdom teeth fees

Wisdom Teeth: specialist fees 39% higher than general practitioners.

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey asking dentists and specialists what their fee is for removing wisdom teeth.

We found that specialist fees are 39% higher than general practitioners.

Some dentists cited the use of sedation as a reason for the increased cost.

“The fact that sedation is used gives patients the feeling that the higher cost at the oral surgeons is worth it!” pointed out a West Virginia dentist.

But others disagreed. “In my area the GP’s fees are generally higher than the specialists because we take longer to do it,” said one California dentist. Another Colorado dentist said, “Usually our fees are about the same as the oral surgeon.”

In this survey, here’s what dentist respondents revealed:

The average cost at a general practice – $483.00
The average cost at a specialist practice – $791.00

And here are some comments:

“If it’s easy like any old extraction, I use the regular extraction fee and the reg code. There’s no “wisdom teeth extraction” code. $575.00 is as high as I go to include flapping, osseous removal, bone graft (if needed) and sutures, poat op, etc…” (New York dentist)

“Our fee depends on if it’s impacted or not and how is it impacted: soft tissue, partial bony, or full bony.”(California dentist)

“It depends on what kind of third molars. Erupted? Soft tissue, partial or full impaction? It makes a difference on the fee charged. Also, if there is a cyst involved.” (Maryland oral surgeon)

“$239.00 is for erupted 3rds that need surgical extractions and $378.00 for horizontal impactions with unusual complications.” (General dentist)

For more on this survey see: Fees For Wisdom Teeth Removal.

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  • Came across your blog and thought I ‘d say nice work.

  • Ilshapira

    The current practice of waiting until the wisdom tooth is totally formed to remove it is barbaric and leads to many problems including damage to the TMJoints and parasthesias in 3-6% of patients.  Early minimally invasive removal of developing third molars and is the future for managing wisdom teeth.  Prior to calcification and before eruption of the second molar the uncalcified tooth bud can be remmoved with a few drops of anaesthetic and virtually zero morbidity.  Dr Wayne Franco a physician who treats brain damage with stem cells from umbilical cord reports that stem cells collected from developing tooth buds “are growing like weeds”  These developing teeth yield multipotent stem cells may yield amazing future developments.

  • caoms

    As an OMS with 20+ years of experience, I feel most patients are better served in the specialist setting due to a number of facts.  To those of you who will dismiss my comments as self serving, remember that all we do is technically self serving unless you do it pro-bono.  Making a living while providing a great service is always honorable.

    1) Ideal timing to remove thirds is about 16 years of age, before the roots have fully developed.  This yeilds dramatically lower risks and a reduced recovery time. 

    2) The patient experience is obviously enhanced with the proper use of general anesthesia.  Nearly every adult with a significant dental phobia will state it’s origin with improperly handled dental treatment as a younster. 

    3) In general, shorter surgical times are directly correlated with lower rates of infection, less swelling, less pain and smoother recovery.

    There are, of course, teeth that a well trained GP can and should remove.  i can already hear the superdontists out there talking this post down.  We need to be honest with ourselves though.  When faced with the decision to treat any patient, we must do what is in the best interest of the patient.  Period!

    That said, from a practice management perspective, the best GP’s with the most profitable practices tend to use a close knit team of specialists to meet the needs of their patients.  This frees them from doing procedures that will cause pain , swelling, bruising etc. within their general practices. 

    Patients who have experienced a GP who had “never hurt them” are dramatically more likely to refer friends, family and co-workers to their dentist as compared to the patients of those who do more invasive procedures on a regular basis.

    Finally, the Dr.? who stated he charged more than the specialist since it takes him longer to do the procedures is a real piece of work.  We all know the type.  He only refers out only the problems and his mistakes then expects the specialists to treat his kids for free.  Bad Karma…

  • Ca – such a great comment – thank you so very much for your insight.


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