Root Canal Fees: General Dentist Vs Endodontist

root canal feesThis survey found the average root canal fee is $887 if treatment is performed by a general dentist and $1,500 if done by a specialist, with the majority of dentists surveyed saying they perform root canals.

Fees for different teeth vary only slightly regardless of whether performed by a generalist or a specialist.

At a general practice –

  • D3310 – anterior tooth: $745.00
  • D3320 – bicuspid tooth: $850.00
  • D3330 – molar: $1,013.00

At a specialist practice –

  • D3310 – anterior tooth: $1,300.00
  • D3320 – bicuspid tooth: $1,195.00
  • D3330 – molar: $1,268.00

Root canal therapy costs somewhat more from endodontists than from general dentists, especially on posterior teeth. Of course, an endodontist will perform a difficult root canal, while a general dentist might refer out that endodontic procedure.

Here are some dentist comments about root canals:

  • “I don’t do endo in my office any more. With microscopes and all the other technology available in endo offices, I feel my patients are getting a better quality service with the specialist than I can provide.” (General dentist)
  • “How about when the root canal needs to be extracted 4 months later and the patient demands a refund and/or free extraction?” (General dentist)
  • “Root canals performed by endodontists are a better alternative to tooth extraction.” (Tenessee endodontist)
  • “What used to take several long appointments can now be performed in one appointment, but some require more, so it’s better to refer to an endo.” (General dentist)
  • “I need to raise my fees.” (Texas dentist)
  • “About twenty years ago, the Federal Government prosecuted a small group of dentists who discussed their fees over coffee. The government considered this to be “price fixing” which is against the law. Since then, dentists have been publicly warned not to discuss their fees among themselves or face prosecution.” (California dentist)

Read more: Fees for a Root Canal Average $887 – $1,195 and Root Canals: Who Needs an Endodontist?

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  • Jim

    How can the AVERAGE fee be $1500 for endodontists when NONE of your listed fees is above $1300?!

  • Kpatter93

    The author states in her opening paragraph that the specialist fee for a root canal is $1500. A paragraph later she lists the fees by tooth type and the most expensive one at a specialists office is $1300. She also has anterior endo at a specialist costing more than a molar? WTF This article is crap.

  • Koozy

    There are so many inconsistencies with what I read above it’s really an insult to me and the profession

  • Koozy

    There are so many inconsistencies with what I read above it’s really an insult to me and the profession

  • William L. Ingram V, DMD, MAGD

    Not sure that I get it???

    When you say that specialists charge more, especially on posterior teeth?? Your data suggests the opposite!

    You say that specialists charge $555 (1300 – 745) more on on a D3310 anterior, $345 (1195 – 850) more on a D3320, and only $255 (1268 – 1113) more on a D3330????

    Get your data straight first, then post!

    I am a MAGD DMD that refers most endo out. I have Kodak 9000 3D CBCT, and I have multiple endodontists that refer to me for CBCT on difficult cases. (as well as OMFSs and Orthodontists and GPs). The more CBCTs that I see, the more it makes me want to refer to endodontists!

    Seems to me that your data is flawed or that you have reversed the order?

    William L. Ingram V, DMD, MAGD

  • The Wealthy Dentist

    Thank you all for your feedback.  I think the survey was confusing to complete, so the data that was provided may not be what the dentists intended…?  You can view the survey here The data goes straight into the boxes … then into the report.  Did any of you complete the survey from the newsletter?  I’d be curious how your data was interpreted and I can look directly at your individual results if you are interested.

  • The Wealthy Dentist

    Again, Kpatter I reported what was returned in the survey responses.  Did you complete the survey?  I’d be curious to look up your responses and see how they show up in the report.  Thank you for your feedback.

  • The Wealthy Dentist

    It may be that the return results for a total fee include more than just the individual procedure — people giving a ballpark number verses and individual number since both questions were asked. 

  • The Wealthy Dentist

    Koozy – was not trying to insult you or your profession — only posting what was returned in the survey.  Thank you for letting me know that it isn’t satisfactory. I appreciate your feedback.

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