Dentists Aren’t Sure If Dental Website Marketing Is Worth It: Survey Results


Dental SurveyIn our most recent survey, we asked dentists if their dental practice website marketing is worth its expense. Less than half (44%) said yes: internet marketing generates new patients and a positive ROI. The remaining 56% replied that they don’t believe that internet marketing has particularly helped find new patients.

Here are a few of the things our dentists had to say on the subject…


  • I think it is the future. As more people look for goods and services online we are going to see more people looking for us there as well.” (Oregon dentist spending $100 monthly)
  • “Great concept, but I just haven’t seen much results.” (Mississippi dentist spending $30 monthly)
  • “My website generates 4-5 new high-value patients monthly! The most recent patient needs $19,500 in restorative treatment, and he has already paid half BEFORE treatment begins!” (South Carolina dentist spending $600 monthly)
  • Website patients are likely to be skittish or scared, having avoided dentistry for some time. If they can be converted and have financial means, it can be good. Lots of email contact without appointment scheduling is common.” (Oklahoma dentist spending $800 monthly)
  • The younger generation has grown up with computers and the internet and uses that like our generation used the Yellow Pages.” (Illinois dentist spending $200 monthly)
  • “Try it… I stopped.” (New York periodontist)
  • Brings in an educated, motivated patient. They usually have done their homework and are just looking for a practice that is compatible with their personality.” (Florida dentist spending $460 monthly)



Check out the complete dental internet marketing survey results.

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  • Did the survey include any questions about search engine optimization or PPC advertising? It’s one thing to have a website and quite another to drive traffic to it, and I wonder if those who are more satisfied with their websites are those who are actively driving traffic, whereas those who are not satisfied may simply have a website up with no strategy whatsoever.

  • Okay Julie — why are you posting this? Any knowledgeable dentist already using Jim Du Molin’s or any other competent online promotion service is reaping tremendous benefits from the Web. This survey only reveals the dentists who realize this, opposed to those who aren’t doing it correctly.

    Building your dental website, then positioning it in the natural results of the major search engines is perhaps the most cost effective advertising strategy known; the ROI is phenomenal. I know because I do this for a living.

    Beyond getting prospective patients to your site, the website’s design must be configured in a way to facilitate more conversions, that is, give people sufficient cause to take action, make a call and schedule and appointment. Some website designs do this much better than others.

    Regardless of “opinions”, the facts and the stats of thousands of dental websites and the practices they represent continue to prove without a doubt that dentists who don’t have a visible online presence are losing new patients to dentists who do.

    John Barremore

  • PLR

    Haven’t heard from you in a while – glad your posting

  • The timing is perfect for your thoughts on teaching others and creating wealth. I actually wrote a post about you yesterday and in it used a quote:


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