Do You Know Your Patient Market?

Are you surrounded by “Blue Blood Estates,” “Movers & Shakers” and the ultimate “Upper Crust?”

I always knew Suzanne and I lived in a nice neighborhood, but never realized that we had made it to the “Upper Crust” until I popped my zip code into Claritas Inc’s. Prizm database. The company’s newest segmentation system defines every neighborhood in the U.S. in terms of 66 distinct lifestyle types using segmentation techniques.

Just enter your 5-digit ZIP Code and find your neighborhood’s top five segments, along with some descriptive detail about each segment’s lifestyle traits. For example – my 94920 zip code yielded:

Blue Blood Estates

Blue Blood Estates is a family portrait of suburban wealth, a place of million-dollar homes and manicured lawns, high-end cars and exclusive private clubs. The nation’s second-wealthiest lifestyle, it is characterized by married couples with children, college degrees, a significant percentage of Asian Americans and six-figure incomes earned by business executives, managers and professionals.

Social Group: Elite Suburbs

Lifestage Group: Accumulated Wealth

2005 Statistics:

  • US Households: 1,059,462 (0.95%)
  • Median HH Income: $113,903

Lifestyle Traits

  • Shop at Talbot’s
  • Take a skiing vacation
  • Architectural Digest magazine
  • Scientific American magazine
  • Audi A8

Demographics Traits:

  • Ethnic Diversity: White, High Asian
  • Presence of Kids: Kids
  • Age Ranges: 45-54
  • Education Levels: College Graduate
  • Employment Levels: Management
  • Homeownership: Mostly own
  • Urbanicity: Suburban
  • Income: Wealthy
  • Income Producing Assets: High

After reading my profile, I decided I should get out and meet more of my neighbors. Chances are you’ll get even more out of it.

Imagine the unbelievable demographical data that you can get about your patient base from just searching for the top five zip codes surrounding your practice. This is outrageously good stuff!

As a dental marketer, it is absolutely essential that you know your market. This data can help you craft your practice marketing strategy and even your clinical continuing education based on training for the types of dental services that your patients can appreciate and afford. Go for it. It’s free!

Check out your neighborhood!

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