Gum Disease Rates Far Higher Than Previously Estimated

Periodontal disease in the USAGum disease in the US may be as much as 50% more common than previously thought, according to new research from the CDC and American Academy of Periodontology (AAP).

A pilot study of 450 American adults found significantly higher levels of periodontal disease than expected.

Previous estimates of periodontitis in the US relied on partial-mouth examinations. When full-mouth periodontal exams were conducted instead, researchers discovered significantly more perio disease, leading them to suspect that previous estimates may have underestimated the population’s level of gum disease by up to 50%.

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  • David

    To people in the dental industry, this would not be much of a surprise, they see it everyday in their practices! The incidence of gum disease is indeed very high and many people who think they do not have it, actually do!

    I hope people can become more aware. Most people, with a bit of knowledge and understanding can keep their teeth for a lifetime!

  • Dentist in Orange

    This is very alarming but, unfortunately, not really surprising, especially if you consider all the factors at play, like bad dental hygiene, diets and smoking and drinking habits.

  • Ruth Garratt

    As a hygienist I would say perio rates are at least 80% of the population.

    It takes a LOT of persistent, consistent education to help the general public understand perio, its total body effects, and how to treat and prevent it. It’s so HELPFUL when dentists allow ENOUGH TIME during hygiene appointments for patient education.

    If a hygienist is allowed 70 minutes per hygiene appointment, this gives 10 minutes for education and probing EVERY visit, and results in a fuller schedule because more people feel thoroughly treated and WILL come every 3 months if it is recommended by their hygienist, and they WILL accept recommendations for more scaling and root planing if their perio warrants such treatment.

    All of which result in BETTER PATIENT CARE, healthier patients, and more loyal patients.

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