Dentists Give Twilight Fans Vampire Fang Veneers

Dentists are offering vampire veneers for about $200 a set for Twilight fans and other vampire-crazed teens.

Dentists say the fang veneers do not interfere with normal eating or speaking, though the size and shape of the patient’s mouth will determine how long the fangs can be.

The 15-minute procedure can be reversed in about 10 minutes. Those individuals truly seeking permanent fangs will often file their canine teeth to points, almost always without the supervision or assistance of a dentist. Unlike tooth veneers, this process is permanent.

For those unfamiliar with the teen-targeted Twilight series of books and films, Stephenie Meyer’s young adult series has made her the top-selling author for the past two years and an icon to young women and girls across the country and globe.

Teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson plays the vampire Edward in the Twilight movies; his fans refer to themselves as “Team Edward.” Vampire veneers are a way to show both affiliation with the series in general and with the Edward character in particular.

Some Twilight purists scoff at vampire dental veneers, noting that in both the books and movies, the vampire characters do not in fact have visible fangs.

Of course, Twilight’s Edward is far from the only pop-culture vampire icon in today’s world. The popular TV series “True Blood” features vampire characters. Vampires also gained increased attention through the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the books of Anne Rice, including Interview with the Vampire.

Vamp fans who want their own fake fangs have plenty of at-home options, too. You can go online and buy fang “veneers” for about $20 that you make yourself and attach to your own teeth with putty.

“Everything you need to make a rigid, custom mold of your teeth inside the caps is included,” says one website offering custom vampire fangs. “New ‘Dental Snap-Fit’ Interliner Customizing Material, a handy mixing vessel/carry case and a stir stick. All you need is a mirror & paper towel or tissue.”

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