Anti-Amalgam Beliefs Cost Dentist His License

by Jim Du Molin

Thirteen Years Later, Anti-Amalgam Doctor Wants It Back

Onetime dentist Larry Hanus doesn’t like mercury; he doesn’t particularly care for the ADA or the Iowa Board of Dental Examiners either. That’s because in 1994, the state board took away his dental license. Hanus claims it was only because he violated the ADA’s long-standing “gag rule” prohibiting dentists from voicing concerns about mercury toxicity from silver amalgam fillings.

I for one know just how controversial this issue is – even talking about “mercury amalgam” versus “silver fillings” can reveal one’s bias. In a recent dental survey of dentists, respondents were passionately split right down the middle, with half of dentists placing amalgam fillings and half of them no longer doing so.

But as more dentists publicly question the safety of silver fillings, the ADA’s “gag rule” has lost much of its power. In 2002, Iowa’s Attorney General announced that dentists could speak freely about safety concerns without fear of reprisal from the dental board. Said Hanus’s lawyer: “The basis for the suspension, in other words, is over.”

Last week, Hanus appeared before the dental board to request reinstatement. The state, on the other hand, presented evidence as to why Hanus should not be granted a dental license. According to the state, the dentist did not tell his patients that many dentists believe that silver dental fillings are perfectly safe, presenting instead only his extreme view and recommending patients remove existing amalgam fillings.

The state also questioned Hanus’s mental health. Indeed, he’s a colorful character who’s indulged some far-fetched ideas. In 2000, he sent out letters condemning the state dental board and alleging that ZIP codes are unconstitutional. Says Hanus today: “It’s in the past. It’s not who I am any longer.”

Today, Hanus is a licensed massage therapist and alternative medicine specialist. His current work bio describes him as a “traditional naturopath and bodywork/energy practitioner… Currently, teaching massage therapy and having a private practice which includes nutrition, life-styles management, stress-mitigation, and chronic pain relief, his particular areas of interest in the healing arts are spiritual and physical de-toxification including heavy metals and neurotoxins, Applied Kinesiology/muscle testing, cranio-sacral therapy, and age/event regressions.”

The Iowa state dental board is expected to rule within several weeks on whether Dr. Hanus can have his dental license back or not.

Read more or read Dr. Hanus’s call-to-action… Plus, feel free to post your thoughts below!

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