Invisalign Rules Anger Dentists

Invisalign rules anger dentistsDentists are upset about new regulations that require every Invisalign dentist to begin at least 10 cases per year. In this survey, 83% of dentists (and 79% of orthodontists) objected to the stringent rules.

One dentist in three says they will no longer be able to offer Invisalign under the new requirements.

Hundreds of dentists responded to this survey. Here’s a sampling of what they think:

  • “This is a low blow and a poor business strategy that I hope will end Align's business future." (Texas dentist)
  • "Invisalign is making a mistake… Why would Invisalign penalize dentists who have doing a few cases every year for the last 10 years?" (Canada dental hygienist)
  • “I don't mind the 10 hours of continuing dental education annually, but it has been especially difficult to get 10 cases in this economy. The case limit is excessive." (Colorado dentist)
  • “As a qualified orthodontist, I find it insulting to be dictated by a dental manufacturing laboratory (which is all Invisalign Corp. is) the type of treatment I should be offering my patients… Invisalign's proficiency requirements are nothing more than a ruse to attempt to increase their revenues." (Canada orthodontist)
  • "This is a foolish move by Align! This will restrict the access that many patients have to invisible braces. They are not, however, the only provider and dentists are like elephants, WE NEVER FORGET." (Wisconsin dentist)
  • “Just because you do more cases does not mean you do them better." (New York dentist)
  • “I am furious that a dental company is seeking to dictate treatment!!" (District of Columbia dentist)
  • “The CE requirement is perfectly fine. The 10 cases per year requirement is unprecedented, very disturbing, and just plain wrong. What if I don't do 10 dentures or dental implants or molar root canals this year? Should I be prevented from ever doing another? Invisalign should rescind this horribly misguided policy, and the sooner the better." (Illinois dentist)
  • “I offer regular dental braces as well as Invisalign and do not feel that I have to push 10 cases a year to be competent– especially after doing full braces for 15 years." (Washington dentist)
  • “Clear Correct might just be the fastest growing company over the next year thanks to Invisalign!" (Tennessee dentist)
  • “They'll shoot themselves in the foot. I'm deciding on which of the several other brands to begin a relationship with. There are other games in town." (Ohio dentist)
  • “Are we sales reps for Align Tech or are we oral health care professionals?" (California dentist)
  • “I'd love to see the media get a hold of this story. and how it impacts the choices doctors offer their patients. Imagine your cardiologist recommending one drug over another so he could meet the requirement to use the medication for other patients?" (Canada orthodontist)
  • “I will purposely boycott align as a result of this. No lab is going to put pressure on me with a quota requirement."

For lots more dentist comments, check out the full results: Invisalign Dentists Unhappy about New Provider Requirements & Rules

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  • Yeppers, looks like I’ll soon be updating a whole bunch of dental websites to remove Invisalign from their pages; good to know too so I can mention this to new clients.

    John Barremore
    Houston, TX

  • Michelle V. Phillips DDS

    Very upsetting policies and generally poor business practices. What are they thinking? I have been on disability due to multiple hand surgeries and have been unable to do any recent cases, even though I was a quantity user previously. I contacted them regarding this and they never replied. I am pleased that the overall response to their newest policy has been similar to my feelings. What nerve! Who do they think they are? I am hoping a new provider steps in and puts them out of business.

  • Michelle, check out ClearCorrect.

    If you know what you’re doing, you’ll probably like them more.

    I don’t know what arrogant idiot came up with this idea, but if I were a shareholder I’d demand s/he be found and terminated.

  • Has Aligntech been taken over by the orthodontic society and for this reason instituted these new policies? Is this about clinical competence or is it really a turf war to prevent general dentists from offering orthodontic services rather than refering to the orthodontist?

  • I’ve done around 125 cases of Invisalign but in this economy I only submitted 6 cases last year and it may be difficult to get another 4 cases I need to keep my Invisalign status. I am furious about their ill thought out case requirements. I used to love Invisalign. Now I hate them.

  • David C. Page. D.D.S.

    I think it cost me about $995.00 to take the required “certification” course about 6 years ago. With over 25 years experience providing removable and fixed appliance orthodontics I have not had the need to provide more expensive,less controlable often tooth-stripping aligner services. Now that the new policy excludes me from choosing to do so in the future===> INVISALIGN, I want my money back!

  • Wes Harper, DDS

    Short their stock tomorrow (ticker ALGN). Align reports after the close on April 22. No way they make their numbers. I don’t know anyone who has sent them a case this year. Easiest money you’ll ever make.

  • Uh-oh Shorty

    Easy money, you say…

  • Brian Shaw, DDS

    Thanks for that great advice, Wes! LOL. After reading their results you were right. Nobody is sending them cases. Only a record case number and 20% year over year jump. Brilliant!

  • Richard Aulicino

    this is what happens when a third party(corporate) gains the control that should be in the hands of Dr and patient only.. money wins and you lose as soon as their position in the relationship can dominate you..This my friends has voluntarily given over piece by piece just as it is happening now with the erosion of the constitution on a national level. The relationship with the patient is not valued over profit in sequential ordering.

  • Richard Hughes dds

    Another bad move by this company. I have in the past had bad experiences (one person had a very bad attitude) with tech support at Align Inc. Looks like a good thing for Simplf5. I told them in no uncertain terms that I will not continue to use their services , if they go this route.

  • Imelda

    Is there any law or regulations to stop this company after paying them a thousand of dollars for the seminar they can just take it away from you,they should had let us know in the first place before we signed up for the seminar.

  • Sandra DiNoto

    The New York State Dental Association is introducing legislation in New York to stop corporations from using quotas to market a product.

  • chirag patel

    i m adentist inm india & i want to become dentist in your country? please give me your suggetion about this.

  • Bianca Jackson

    I think that the trend still leans towards the metal braces. I know that Invisalign is a good innovation, but I guess there are a lot of people that would still prefer the classic metal brace. If you’re going to ask me, I’d have an Invisalign because taking care of your teeth is less of a hassle with ’em than with braces. I hope that Align didn’t implement these rules. Anyway, I hope that the dentist in Las Vegas can help me with this Invisalign thing.


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