Teeth Whitening… at the Airport?!?

Teeth whitening for airport travelersTeeth whitening isn’t just for Americans… it seems the whole planet wants white teeth.

Well, that just got easier for UK travelers, who can now get tooth whitening at the airport. Yes, the airport.

Passengers can make appointments at the Manchester and Birmingham airports for a 20-minute laser teeth whitening session before their flight departs. Patients can book online ahead of time, or even drop in for whitening at one of the 5-chair clinics.

The teeth bleaching program, launched under the name of “Smile Company,” is an offshoot of Brighter White Teeth Company, and uses a tooth whitening process developed in the US.

And of course, while patients get rid of their yellow teeth at the airport, they’re also welcome to pick up at-home teeth whitener products…

“Coffee, anyone? Peanuts? Teeth whiteners?”

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  • http://blog.naturawhite.com/ naturawhite

    Well it will be a big improvement on all of those stands trying to get you to sign up for credit cards and such. Teeth whitening ‘could’ work at airports, there is certainly little else to do so people might get it done out of boredom.

  • Jim Williams

    They’re at the malls, so not much difference. At least they won’t be having the people who develop sensitivity coming back. Wonder if the high altitude right after bleaching makes it worse.

  • D. Kevin Moore

    I thought that when you do something to teeth it was called dentistry. I also thought in this country you needed a license for it. Sure fooled me!

  • Rebecca

    They are now doing them at hair salons, what next??

  • http://drdassenko.com San Luis Obispo Cosmetic Dentist

    Teeth are very important part of human body and all should take care of teeth. A lot of people used to think that cosmetic dentistry is just a procedure to make your teeth and smile look prettier. Aside from boosting your confidence with the results of a dental cosmetic procedure, it also has great benefits in our dental health. We get to have whiter and healthy teeth. It also fix problems like chipped or misaligned teeth.

  • http://www.smiledentaltherapy.com Mary M.

    The new 20 minute teeth whitening system actually is dentistry as it carried out only by UK registered dentists. We do not use laser – we use a LED lamp which activates the whitening gel and speeds up the process. Please visit our webpage: http://www.smiledentaltherapy.com for more information on our products and services and visit us at the Manchester or Birmingham airports. We look forward to your visit!

  • Janet Hall

    Do you have the laser teeth whitening at Albuquerque International Airport?

  • http://www.RoyalYorkDental.com Toronto Dentist in Etobicoke

    I already saw it on the cruise ships, so no surprise here. Maybe the airline hostesses will start providing it as an in-flight service.

    Joe 😀

  • http://www.royalyorkdental.com Toronto Dentist

    Anywhere easy profit can be made, competing services will inevitably pop up.

  • http://drjeffgardner.com/services.html Vernell Leider

    You’re right about people wanting whiter teeth. They would always want to look their best wherever they go. This news about teeth whitening services at the airport sounds amazing! At least people can have a last minute check up to make sure that there won’t be any problems with how their teeth look. Who would want to crack a smile when he or she knows that his or her teeth are yellow, right? Thanks for the info!

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