Dentist Hours: Many Stay Open into the Evening

Dentist schedules: 55% are open lateJust over half (55%) of practices offer evening hours, and 37% let patients make weekend appointments, this survey found. Mondays are the busiest day of the week for 1 in 3 practices.

Many dental practices are closed on Fridays. “On Friday, if the weather was nice, patients always cancelled,” said one dentist. “We work Tuesday evenings instead. The staff and I love 3-day weekends. Nice quality of life. I highly recommend it.”

But for some, the economic reality is a harsh wake-up. “With the new economy, I will need to start opening on Fridays and take what I can get,” said another dentist. “Going broke in Alaska!”

If a patients wants or needs evening and weekend hours… and you don’t offer them… then that patient will find a dentist who does.

Here are some comments from dentists:

  • “Early morning hours are good.” (Connecticut dentist)
  • “Patients like afternoon hours.” (Athens Greece dentist)
  • “Evenings are popular.” (Maryland pediatric dentist)
  • “Saturday morning and early afternoon appointments are very popular with our patient population.” (Ohio prosthodontist)
  • “Friday is a highly productive day because I see only high production cases without all of the small procedures interrupting my case.”

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  • The Visible Dentist

    Ha! — that’s nothing!

    I work 15 hour days, 7 days a week and I sleep under my desk! Top that US dentists! :)

    John Barremore, SEO/Webmaster
    Needing a vacation in Houston, TX

  • The Aah! TECH Guy

    I’m searching for a dentist that’s open in the evening. That’s how I found this blog post! When I find a good one with evening hours, that practice will have my family’s business!

  • Toronto Dentist in Etobicoke

    John’s right. Most of us are wimps! We wouldn’t last a month in the real world where survival of the fittest applies.

    Joe 😀

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