Dental Hygienists Are Paid about $36 an Hour: Survey Results

Dental Hygienists Are Paid Well (Some Dentists Think Too Well…)

Average dental hygienist makes $38/hourIn our most recent survey, we asked dentists the average hourly wage of their dental hygienists; the average answer was $36 an hour, whether paid on commission, by the hour, or salaried. However, the range is wide, with some making $20 or less and others pulling in $50 or more. Dentists’ feelings on the subject are mixed; some feel hygienists are grossly overpaid, while others insist they’re worth every penny.

Here are just a few of the comments from our dentists:

  • “She’s worth every penny, makes me a fortune.” (Illinois dentist paying $55/hr)
  • “I think dental hygienists are overpaid in our region. There are so few of them that they can dictate their rate.” (North Carolina dentist paying $32.50/hr)
  • “PLUS: health insurance, vacation, paid holidays, retirement, FICA, Holiday Bonus, Birthday lunches and gifts.” (North Carolina dentist paying $31/hr)
  • “My hygienist works for 32% of production.” (Florida dentist)
  • “They get paid too much for what little they do.” (New York orthodontist paying $27/hr)
  • “In DC the average is $350 per 8-hour day. Now I live in Utah and it’s $250.”
  • Have an opinion? Post your own comments below!

Read the complete dental hygienist pay survey results.

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