General Dentistry & The Dental Implant Dentist

The dental implant dentistToday’s dental implant dentist isn’t necessarily a specialists. In fact, this survey found that 99% of general dentists restore dental implants, and 55% place the implants themselves in straightforward dental implant surgery cases.

“They were invented by GPs like us,” said one general dentist. “More dentists should be placing them. Specialists should not be arrogantly taking control.”

We also found that 30% place implants, even in difficult cases, and 33% offer immediate load dental implants. When it comes to mini dental implants/denture implants, 61% restore them, and 45% place them.

Here are some comments from dental implant dentists:

  • “Implants need to be the dentist’s deal….. Do not rely on the oral surgeon or periodontist for anything but placement.” (Connecticut dentist)
  • “I feel placement of dental implants is best left to board certified oral surgeons because I have seen a very high failure rate with the implants placed by dentists.” (Alabama dentist)
  • Mini dental implants do not have long-term clinical evidence to support widespread use under dentures as a definitive restoration.” (California prosthodontist)
  • “Significant slowdown of dental implants in this economy.” (Minnesota dentist)

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  • Nick Laoutaris,DDS

    For the Dentists that make a blanket statement, such as “GP’s should not be placing implants”, is nonsense. There are so many great courses out there, and many GP’s have many hours devoted to implant placement. I have been Director of a Residency program for several years,(I am a GP), I trained all the Oral Surgery residents in this program on how to place implants and the prosthetics involved. Of course, If a GP does decide to place implants, he or she should be well trained, especially if there are complications.

  • illinois periodontist

    I have no problems with GPs placing implants- but I do have problems when they don’t clean up cement after restorating them, or assuming that the implant takes no special care after it is restored. From that standpoint, I am staying busy from repairing the “ailing” implants out there. However, there is definately a theme emerging from these issues.

  • concerned prosthodontist

    I like the statement “they were invented by GP’s like us” Unfortunately, that is the state of most general dentists education; limited. Root form implants were first developed by Branemark, an orthopedic surgeon. Many of the defunct implants like blades, subperiosteals and ramus frames were developed by GP’s but are no longer being (or shouldn’t be) used. I have no problems with GP’s doing any of the treatment but they need to be able to deal with the complications that come along with implants. If you want to be a specialist you have to act and get educated like a specialist. Doesn’t matter if it’s implants or endo or ortho.


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