Dentists: What’s Your Astrological Sign?

Dentists and astrologyLast week I talked about how “holistic dentistry” can be a good dental marketing choice. Most of the comments I received were in support of alternative dentistry.

So let’s get even more “fringe,” shall we? It’s time to talk astrology & dentistry.

I live in California, where a lot of people take astrology quite seriously. “What’s your sign?” isn’t just a line – to many people, it’s an essential bit of information that reveals clues to who you really are.

The dental/astrological connection hadn’t occurred to me until someone showed me a magazine article from The Mountain Astrologer about dentists and the zodiac. It explained what you can expect from your dentist based on his or her sign.

Curious? (I know you are!) Here are a few highlights. Do you match your sign’s description?

  • Aries: “A photo of your Aries dentist is hung prominently on the waiting room wall.”
  • Taurus: “She will be careful and considered, steady and patient; she might even seem slow, a little bovine.” (Ouch!)
  • Gemini: “He’ll likely continue to chatter throughout the visit, despite your limited abilities to articulate.”
  • Cancer: “She is very nurturing and pays attention to how you feel.”
  • Leo: “Our Leo dentist simply looks good! Probably a neatly trimmed beard or goatee.”
  • Virgo: “She will do a top-notch inspection. She will find many problems. She will schedule a lot of work.”
  • Libra: “The Libra dentist can be gracious and charming, with a lovely office.”
  • Scorpio: “It’s not that she’s any crueler than the others – just more honest about the process, pain and discomfort.”
  • Sagittarius: “You will know for sure your dentist is a Sagittarius if he says ‘oops’ a lot.”
  • Capricorn: “The high charges for such competent work might surprise you.”
  • Aquarius: “Gotta love your funky holistic Aquarian dentist and yoga instructor!”
  • Pisces: “He seems so reliably competent and not really that empathetic.”

– Nathan Elderkin

Curious, I did a little more research… here are some of the ways that astrology and dentistry can intersect. For example, apparently a waning moon makes a better dental appointment.

“The favourable time for removing plaque is when the moon is waning, because new formation is thus kept within bounds. The ideal time would be Capricorn days when the moon is on the wane, but this is not absolutely essential.”

– from the book Moon Times by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe

“I think it’s more than that— it’s not just about reducing the formation of new plaque after the cleaning. My impression was that the plaque was harder, there was more resistance on the pick, and the cleaning was rougher and more painful when I went on that new Moon in April.”

Molly Cliborne, Astrological Consultant

Astrologer Jan Spiller advises not to go to the dentist when Mercury is in retrograde. (Avoid car repairs and relationship decisions as well.)

Have you ever wondered about which astrological signs rule dentistry? (Roughly speaking, “rulerships” indicate an affinity with the sign and the planet that rule it.)

  • dental drills – Mars
  • dental hygienists and technicians – Virgo
  • dental trouble – Saturn, Jupiter
  • dentists, dentistry – Mars, Scorpio (the Sixth house, Saturn)
  • dentures – Neptune
  • drilling, drilling machines – Mars
  • teeth, in general – Saturn (Aquarius, Jupiter, Cancer)
  • decayed teeth or abscessed tooth – Saturn
  • false teeth – Neptune
  • teeth, lower – Taurus
  • teeth, upper – Aries

Rulerships for dentistry found in The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills

Then there’s Diana Stone, who uses horary astrology to determine if her client should find a dentist. “The chart was judged to say yes [i.e., she should find a new dentist] even though there were some weird indicators… Wrong! The client called to tell me that she did return to [her old] dentist and that he decided he did not want to deal with her any more and returned all of her money! She loves me.”

So, what do you think? Has the zodiac ever affected your dentistry or your dental practice management decisions? Do patients ever ask what your sign is?

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