Dental Websites: Why You Shouldn’t Include Dental Surgery Photos

Dentists: no bloody pictures on your dental website!Dentists, take note: if your dentist website contains “graphic” surgery photos, you’re at risk of being blocked by Google Safe Search.

The owner of one dental website complains that the filter, designed to screen out pornographic or violent images, is blocking his images.

“I personally write and publish, which offers over 2,500 pages of free content in academic dentistry. The content shows dental procedures including surgery in detail based upon visitor choices. There is NO sexual content in all 2,500 pages.”

This is another important reason not to include graphic oral surgery photos on your dental practice website.

Now, I’ve been advising this for many years – for a completely different set of reasons – but this only further supports my point.

As a dentist, you know what oral surgery and dental treatment look like. You probably hardly even notice the blood anymore.

But your patients do not feel the same way. They will see the blood, not the beautiful teeth underneath. Their stomachs will turn. Graphic surgical images will not inspire patients to come into the dentist for treatment.

I know that everybody wants to show before and after pictures to highlight the quality of their dentistry. However, it’s really not the best dental marketing idea to show bloody surgery pics.

I also don’t recommend showing ugly teeth in your “before” shots. (That’s my professional dental consultant advice.) It’s better just to show beautiful teeth with a testimonial from the satisfied patient.

So, if you don’t want to alienate potential patients, and you want your site found on the Internet, I wouldn’t include any graphic surgical images.

Just as an aside: I have some experience with image filters. Historically, websites with naked babies or people in swimsuits were sometimes marked as “pornographic.” Filters would scan these images and decide that there was too much flesh showing, so they would be tagged as potentially sexual. I’d wager that there’s enough blood in some surgery photos to flag them as possibly violent.

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