Dental Fees Raises: Not This Year, Say 50% of Dentists

Half of dentists have raised dental fees in past yearCommon sense – and dental management consultants – would dictate you raise dental fees regularly. But this survey found that only 50% of dentists have raised their fees within the past year.

Many dentists cited the current economy as a reason for postponing any increases.

“The cost of living rises nearly 3% every year. If you don’t increase your fees to AT LEAST keep up with the cost of living, you are losing,” pointed out a prosthodontist. “We’ve been increasing our fees 3-5% once every year and have had no complaints.”

But others disagreed. “My patients are actually leaving for less expensive dentist prophies,” said one dentist. Another said, “Usually we raise fees annually, but with current economic climate, we’re actually giving financial incentive (reductions) instead of raising fees.”

In this survey, here’s what dentist respondents said:

  • 50% have raised fees in the past year
  • For 31%, it’s been over 1 year
  • For 15%, it’s been over 2 years
  • For 3%, it’s been over 3 years
  • For 1%, it’s been over 5 years (Ouch!)

And here are some comments:

  • “Smaller increases more often create less hassle than larger ones every few years.” (New York dentist)
  • “I usually raise fees yearly, but this year we have done what we can to maintain last years fees on most procedures.” (Michigan dentist)
  • “I get the Zip code fee analysis. Any fee below the 90 percentile, I raise to the 90 percentile on an annual basis. If it is above the 90th percentile, I usually leave it alone.” (Kentucky dentist)
  • “Everything else goes up (except insurance reimbursement), so why not raise my fees?” (Pennsylvania dentist)
  • “I really feel the need to do so, but feel that to do so in these economic times would send the wrong message.” (Kansas dentist)
  • “In the past I have raised fees every three years, but with the economy I decided to wait until April 2010. This will have been 5 years since my last fee change.” (General dentist)
  • “We evaluate our change in costs to do business every 6 months and adjust fees accordingly.” (Texas pediatric dentist)

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