Dental Tourism Now Covered by US Dental Insurance Plans!

Dental tourism pushed by US dental insurance companyIf there’s a way to save money, you can bet the insurance companies will be interested…

Dental tourism has become increasingly popular lately, especially with consumers feeling the pinch of the recession. Mexican clinics target US patients. Eastern European practices treat British nationals. It’s big business these days, with Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia offering low-cost dental care to international patients.

We talked recently about how a British company is offering limited dental vacation insurance to protect patients from medical mishaps while they’re out of the country. Well, an American insurance company has now upped the ante!

Based in South Carolina, Companion Life Insurance Co. offers standard insurance products – and now, a little something more for dental patients.

They are adding an “international treatment option” to every one of their US dental plans.

“International Treatment Option”

Here’s what that means: Companion has added three Costa Rica dental clinics to their network.

An offshoot company, Companion Global Dental, will make all travel and treatment arrangements for American patients who want to go to Costa Rica to save money on dental care.

“Do you need dental work? If you’ve priced it lately, it may have come as quite a shock. Companion Global Dental is your gateway to affordable dental care. We give you access to dental services in Costa Rica, where you can get dental care at a fraction of the cost you would at home.”

It’s the standard dental tourism pitch — but this time it’s coming from an American insurance company!

In a press release, Companion Life’s vice president of field marketing, J.C.Preas, said:

“We believe we are the first national dental insurer to provide international travel and care as a value-added option on all of our policies. This option willallow our members to get the dental treatment they need at a credentialedfacility, to save significantly on out-of-pocket costs, and even combine anexciting vacation with their dental treatment.”

Doctor, you probably provide excellent quality of care, but you cannot compete with the prices offered by international dentists.

And I know many dentists have no love lost for insurance companies… But take a moment to imagine: What would happen if all dental insurance companies decided to encourage patients to become dental tourists?

Dental tourism has the potential to change the face of dentistry as we know it. No longer are your competitors located within driving distance… Your competition will be across the entire world.

Visit the Companion Global Dental website

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