Do You Know What Makes Your Dental Practice Unique?

All dentists are equal…

…at least in the eyes of the State. That’s what your “license” is all about – standardization. Anyone in the dental industry knows this is nonsense. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t.

We routinely design marketing campaigns for doctors throughout the country. Yellow page ads, newspaper ads, Web sites, and the like. We always start with the same question: “What Makes Your Practice Different?” Can you and your team actually tell a patient the top ten benefits of joining your patient base? It’s important that you can.

Let me give you some basic examples:

    • Your comfort is our first concern.
      This is usually our number-one bullet because it says you will be gentle – who wants a painful dentist? I like this a lot better than, “We cater to cowards.” The “cowards” line is a cliché, but a cliché that still works. I try to avoid it because it will attract dental phobics who will make an appointment and not show, or who are too fearful to accept your treatment recommendations. “Sedation” practices are the exception to this rule.
    • Highest infection control standard.
      Depending on your location, this might be an important point to make to prospective patients. If your practice is in the middle of a large city with a high rate of HIV, you will want to make this point.
    • Friendly, caring staff.
      This is usually my second or third benefit statement because it is what everyone wants. I usually don’t like to use the term “staff.” “Staff” is a skin disease. I like the term “team.” Unfortunately, the consumer understands “staff” better than “team” in the professional market.
    • Natural looking crowns & bridges.
      “Natural looking” turns this service into a benefit.
    • Relax with nitrous oxide (laughing gas).
      Always remember to add “laughing gas.” Not everyone knows what nitrous oxide is.
    • Beautiful cosmetic techniques to fix chips, cracks & stains.
      This is one of my favorites. It describes problem conditions and how you resolve them with “beautiful cosmetic techniques.”
    • Lots of ways to pay.
      You need to be careful with this benefit – you must have solid financial arrangements in place. How you present it will depend on the demographics of your market. In a high-end market, there would be no problem. However, in a middle class or blue-collar market, potential patients may view this as, God forbid, doctor financing.

Now, gather up your team and decide what the top 10 benefits are in your practice. Remember, try to limit yourself to (10) benefits. Keep it simple and clean. Compile a list and memorize it!

About Jim Du Molin

+Jim Du Molin is a leading Internet marketing expert for dentists in North America. He has helped hundreds of doctors make more money in their practices using his proven Internet marketing techniques.


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