Dental Lab Fees Rarely Billed Separately

Dentists: Few bill separately for dental lab feesTradition says that dental lab fees are included in a dentist’s total fee… In this survey, only 2% of dentists said they bill patients separately for the lab fee.

Rising dental lab costs have pus dentists in a financial bind. “It would be great to add gold fees since the price is going up like crazy!” said one dentist.

So, when it comes to lab bills, why don’t dentists follow the example of other medical professionals?

Two reasons only: it’s historical tradition, and it’s what dental insurance companies prefer.

Here are some comments from dentists on the subject:

  • “Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. In the end it averages out to what it should be.” (Connecticut dentist)
  • “We should be able to bill separate. Some insurance plans barely cover the lab fee. It is a joke.” (Maryland dentist)
  • “On big cases-over 6 units, I will include a separate lab fee in addition to my normal crown fee. Especially on full mouth reconstructions, because the lab fees are so high. I try to recoup at least 50-75% of my lab fee. I have good results.” (Massachusetts dentist)
  • “I believe either option is acceptable. If you are thoughtful and fair, you should be able to elaborate your rationale for your selected practice. My sense is that the typical patient may not be able to grasp the overhead & mark-up issues related to most prosthetic procedures.” (Michigan dentist)
  • “It is hard to quote a fee accurately when separating the lab fee, and in these difficult economic times, people get really upset at surprises.” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “Never give patients a separate fee for the lab bill. Patients do not value our time enough as it is. It only sets us up to have to justify our fees or encourages patients to try negotiate a lower fee.”
  • “The vast majority of dental insurance plans prohibit billing dental laboratory fees separately. This is due to the fact that traditionally, dentists have never billed patients separately for lab fees.”

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