Dental Marketing Top Choice? Dentist Websites

Dentist websites most popular dental marketingDental marketing can take many forms, but these days, dental websites are a top choice among dentists.

In this survey, 85% of all respondents said they used a dental practice website. Next up was the phone book, with 68% of dentists having yellow pages listings.

Some dentists still have a certain distaste for dental practice marketing. “I have no plans whatsoever to market my practice,” said one dentist. “I do not solicit new patients and don’t take new patients over the phone unless I know them or they have been referred by existing patients. I’m approaching 60, I like my practice size just as it is… I make enough money to have a good life, I don’t need 5 houses, 2 motor homes and 3 Porsches. I have peace of mind, something money can’t buy.”

But lots of doctors feel that marketing can bring them the financial security that will lead to peace of mind. And here’s how they’re doing it — these are the percentages of dentists who say they’ve utilized the following marketing vectors in the past year.

  • 85% Dental practice website(s)
  • 68% Yellow Pages
  • 56% Dental practice signage
  • 53% Internal patient referral programs
  • 35% Newspaper ads
  • 32% New Resident direct mail
  • 29% Targeted direct mail
  • 29% Patient rewards program
  • 26% Pay-per-click (PPC) web marketing
  • 26% Email dental patient newsletters
  • 24% Dental directory listing(s)
  • 15% TV ads
  • 15% Magazine ads
  • 15% Public Relations marketing
  • 15% Facebook page
  • 12% Radio ads
  • 9% Internet video search
  • 3% Twitter
  • 0% Saturation direct mail

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