Cost of a Dental Implant and Crown? About $3200

Cost of dental implant and crownHow much does a dental implant plus crown cost? In this survey, the average total was about $3,200. That breaks down to $1,800 for the dental implant, $1,400 for the crown, and an additional $600 for a custom abutment.

“Implant fees are too high,” complained one dentist.

“From a patient management perspective, charging a separate fee for an abutment is much more agreeable to the patient than charging a higher fee for an implant crown,” said a prosthodontist. “My fee for an implant crown and a conventional ‘tooth crown’ is the same.”

Here are some other comments from dentists:

  • “Why is there a company in my area that advertises $595 to place an implant? My cost for the implant fixture alone is $300!” (New York dentist)
  • “I’m working in India, and hence even these charges are high for round here!” (India oral surgeon charging $500 for the implant and $500 for the crown)
  • “Implant fees are the biggest objection point to my patients. I personally do not place implants but the specialist that do for me are charging $2000 for each implant.” (Pennsylvania dentist)
  • “I never seem to cover the lab fees well enough.” (Georgia dentist)

Read more: Cost of Dental Implant and Associated Dental Crown

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  • Dr Vijayalakshmi

    Dear Jim,
    It is a nice experience reading your mails! Thanks for doing what you are doing! I am doing Branemark screw retained implants, using only original drills, vaccum sterilisation, and operating theatre level sterilisation protocols, microscope assisted, or loupe assisted surgery etc etc, and am able to charge only USD 1000, for all this! And the surprising thing is, my local patients who opt for it pay me promptly, and do not quibble if they make up their mind to have it done. It is the “foreign” patient, may it be Indian turned US citizen, or others, who want to bring the cost down further, or opt not to have it done! Maybe it is re-inforces the fact that low cost is never going to win as a sales strategy, but it makes me wonder why after a $2200 flat out “discount”, these patients still want to haggle or also not have it done here.

  • Cynthia

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  • Keith Goldstein

    We manufacture zirconia abutments at 1/2 the price of the implant manufacturers so that more patients can justify paying for implants and surgeons and dentist can increase their profit margins without compromising quality.

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  • tania haack

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