Dental Marketing: Dentists’ Top Keyword Phrases

Dental marketing keywords include cosmetic, family and general dentistryHow do dentists describe what their practices offer?Cosmetic dentistry,” “general dentistry” and “family dentistry” were used by over half of respondents to describe their practices.

The next most popular dental marketing keywords were “restorative dentistry,” “comfortable dentistry” and “gentle dentistry,” each used by about a third of those who responded.

Want to know how popular each phrase was?

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About Julie Frey

+Julie Frey is the Editor of blog. She has dedicated her career to Internet marketing and communications, working side-by-side with dental marketing guru Jim Du Molin since 2006. She has a degree in Linguistics from Stanford University, has a passion for language and writing, and lives in San Francisco.

  • dr bert

    Please tell me, asap, proff´s,
    so where comes, today,

    1. laserdentistry and, the hit,

    2. implant-dentistry

    pls, send me a comment to my email address, ta

  • Kathryn Harwood, RDH

    Thanks for this. –Interesting. What ever happened to “health”? And the connection between oral and systemic health? And are we selling botox?

  • Kathryn Harwood, RDH

    Perhaps we need a larger survey than 34.

  • Julie Frey

    Statistically speaking, any sample size of over 30 people will tend to show significant differences, so I do feel these results are relatively statistically valid.

    I do wish more dentists had responded, though. I guess they don’t find survey questions about words quite as interesting as I do…

  • The Visible Dentist

    These are descriptions a dentist might use to describe their practice, though potential patients could enter entirely different combinations of keywords in a search engine query to locate a dentist in their area.

    Many people seek dentists in the search engines by their dental condition and/or the solution provided/sought, rather than the dentist’s self described treatment style. Word usage amongst the natives can also vary by region and culture.

    Regional keyword trends are acquired over years of observation and demand tens of thousands of queries to qualify as accurate and reliable data.

    John Barremore
    Houston, TX
    (I am not a dentist)

  • Dr. Dean Brandon

    Competition is a good thing, and certainly some dentists are “better” than others. Some terms are simply factually discriptive, however some state laws forbid using terms that imply (the dentist) is better in some way than any other licensed dentist (supposedly all licensed dentists are at least competent). Terms like painless, or terms that imply unusual or superior dental abilities are sometimes not allowed. Also, terms that might lead the patient to believe the dentist is a specialist when he is not, are forbidden (as not to decieve the public). Some states are fairly strict and some more lenient-just be aware. In general I would think we as professionals should not “hawk” or services like in the barber/magic-elixir days of old. Pretend you are a patient looking for care for you, your spouse, or your child. What information would You like to trust when trying to determine which “professional” to see?

  • Toronto Dentist in Etobicoke

    What John said is important. We have to get out of our own heads and into those of potential patients. Our sites should be optimized for the keywords that patients, particularly geo-location.

    That’s why I give myself a funky name. Keywords baby!

    Joe 😀

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